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The art of wearing a sequin skirt

First of all, what the fashion world expects of us is BALANCE! She wants us to balance the extravagant pieces with the understated, the masculine pieces with the feminine pieces, the more rattlesnakes with the flat and simple pieces. If you have a sequinned skirt, all you have to do is balance her elegance and flamboyance.

Depending on the season, you can use it with knitted sweaters or T-shirts. If you don't want to compromise your elegance, you can choose with a shirt, of course. Instead and to your taste, gold heels or sneakers will look nice.

During the season transitions, you can also take a leather, jeans or blazer over your shoulder or directly on top of you. For example, you can also choose your make-up quite plain hair quite naturally and shabby.

In bag, you are free to use many options, from portfolios to shoulder bags or even backpacks. For example, in a combo with sneakers, whether you want to buy a portfolio and get a more stylish look, or buy a backpack and stay cool. The important thing here is to create balance from opposites...


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