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The 7 best things to do in the snow

The first thing that comes to mind when we see snow is the unchanging activity of our childhood. The roads that cars can't cross are all sled tracks, not to mention the calories you'll burn while sledding. Just in case, be careful, one person waits downstairs, you never know where people are going to get a car. Intersport, Tchibo, Decathlon; from stores where you can provide sleds; If you don't want to buy a sled, you can also slide with the basin like the old days.

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Watching the snow fall outside, sipping your abundant cinnamon sahlep and preparing your chestnuts in the oven next to it is another pleasure to stay at home. In fact, if you want to make your day even more beautiful, you can watch some new year's movies that will warm you up or start one of the shows you haven't seen in a long time. My recommendations to the films are "A Christmas Carol", "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "The Polar Express"; My suggestion for the series is "Sherlock Holmes", "The OA", "Mr. Bean".

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With a strong adhesive, you can make your own snow globe by sticking the desired players on the lid of the glass jar and putting some water in it and even gifting it to your loved ones.

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You're surrounded by meters of snow, so let's get your creativity talking. How about making snow sculptures? If you say you can't make sculptures out of snow, get spray paints and color your gardens; And it's announced to the parents that there's no cleaning, and when the snow melts, everything will be gone. Do what you want, you're free; all parks, gardens are your exhibition space.

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Play the inside of an orange and put bird food in it and hang it on the tree, or you can line up the food such as popcorn, bread, apples, oranges, blackberries and hang it on the tree. Let's not forget to leave food and cardboard on the streets for cats and dogs.

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Take paint sprays and create a colorful garden in your garden with your children. And he doesn't have to clean it up, he'll go away on his own when it melts.

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Put the clean snow you get from the outside in the bowls and add the sauces you want on them. Lemon, chocolate, strawberries can be anything; it's easy and delicious.

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