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The 5 best Italian restaurants in Istanbul

Cecconi's, which opened next to Soho House in Istanbul, the fourth after London, Miami and Hollywood, belongs to the Soho House Group but does not require membership. The restaurant is a mediterranean with olive trees in its garden, dim lighting and vines wrapped in wooden columns. At the head of the kitchen is transfer Alessio Biangini from Cecconi's in Hollywood. The restaurant has a simple menu, the burqa between the beginnings is very tasty and famous. Main courses include pizza, pasta, salad, vegetables, as well as meat, fish and chicken cooked in charcoal fire and wood ovens. Cecconi's restaurant, which is one of the indispensables of the summer months with its pleasant environment, customer base and food, you miss a lot if you have not tried it.

Address: Legitimacy Street 56, Tepebasi, Beyoglu Tel: (0212) 377 71 80

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Did you know that Chef Farinetti was inspired by the Grand Bazaar when he founded Eataly? Like the Grand Bazaar, it has its taste streets in it. Eataly is not just a gourmet market, it is an Italian Quarter with restaurants and school in it. Behind it is the awe-inspiring story of the Farinetti family. The most important thing you need to know about Eataly is that there are 12 restaurants inside serving different cuisines. So if you're going to eat pizza, you need to sit in a pizza restaurant, if you're going to eat pasta, you need to sit in a pasta restaurant. The grocery store section, full of meat, deli, cheese and wine varieties, is big and diverse enough to attract anyone who likes to eat and cook. Eataly is one of the best Italian restaurants to go to in Istanbul with its pizzas and pastas and products that you can also buy at home from the gourmet market.

Address: Zorlu Center, Zincirlikuyu, Şişli Tel: (0212) 336 66 00

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La Scarpetta is the new Italian of the Etiler. As KBO Group's first restaurant in the food and drink industry, it opened on the street known for years as Also Mario. When you enter La Scarpetta, you are greeted by a map of Italy. The restaurant has tables wrapped in white covers, large windows that bring in sunlight and a bar that accompanies the refreshing mirrors. At La Scarpetta, the menu of starters, pizzas, salads and main courses doesn't go unnoticed. However, as expected from the Italians, the pizzas of the place are given a special attention. Pizza La Scarpetta with truffles is famous among the pizzas that come out of the wood-burning oven.

The place is named after La Scarpetta, which is derived from Scarpa, which means shoes in Italian and is commonly used as a 'morsel used to scrape the water of the food left at the bottom of the plate'; It is one of the first preferences of those who want to eat well not only at dinner, but also at lunch. You can choose this place when you want to taste real Italian flavors.

Address: Dilhayat Sk. No:16, Etiler Tel: (0212) 263 53 53

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Serafina, which opened its first branch in Istanbul with the renovation of Akmerkez last year, is a comfortable and stylish Italian restaurant where everyone feels at home. The restaurant has an interesting story. Turin's Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato dreamed of creating the perfect pizza as they battled harsh weather and hunger when they were traumatically lost at sea on a small sailboat. With Fabio's architectural genius building a revolutionary bakery and Vittorio's talent in Neapolitan cuisine, the idea of Serafina and an excellent partnership were born.

Serafina, which first opened on Madison Avenue in New York in 1995, gained attention as a family restaurant, bringing the number of Serafinas, which is predominantly Italian cuisine, to 24. Serafina has 10 branches in New York. The chain has branches in many countries, especially Dubai, Tokyo, Japan, Brazil, Mumbai. The Istanbul branch is the first Serafina to open in Europe.

Serafina is particularly ambitious with pizzas and cocktails, so you can stop by for a shopping break or a stylish dinner, and experience Italian hospitality with great tastes.

Address: Etiler Spitiye Cad. Akmerkez AVM Tel: (212) 351 77 77

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Da Mario, which opened in 1993 in a two-storey villa in the garden in Etiler, is one of the restaurants that has been able to move forward without breaking its line all these years. Da Mario, one of the first Italian restaurants in Istanbul, also led the spread of Italian restaurants in the city. In the menu; There's a wide range of pizzas and breads cooked in a wood-burning oven, homemade pastas, meat and fish dishes, and fabulous desserts. In addition, the menu is renewed according to the seasonal ingredients every season.

Da Mario is one of our favorites with its location in the garden and delicious food.

Address: Dilhayat Sok. No:7 Etiler Tel: (0212) 265 51 86

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