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The 10 most watched series on Netflix

At the top of the list is the Office, which aired on NBC from 2005-2013.Dec. The series was also the most watched production on Netflix in 2018, although years have passed. The BBC adaptation of an American sitcom, The Office, ironically takes on working life. The series stars Steve Carrel Michael Scott his character is etched into memories.    

Friends, the television phenomenon that has not worn off for years, also made its mark in 2018. The comedy series, which aired from 1994-2004, is about the life and decadence of a group of friends. The production that led Jennifer Aniston to become the Queen of romantic comedy in Hollywood is still a favorite of viewers of every generation...

15 in 2018 on American television's hit series Grey's Anatomy. obtaining the approval of the season broke a record. The production, which won the title of the second-longest-running series in American television history after NCIS, is not only a hospital series, but also an exciting story that still maintains its tempo.

17. NCIS continuing season preparations 'world's most watched series’ he bears his title. Since 2003, NCIS has been broadcast in more than 200 countries. A series of dramas, decommissioned by the Naval Criminal Research Service, is a production in which crime, action and humor are balanced together.

A series about a supernatural world like its name 15.  season. Based on the story of brothers who started hunting supernatural creatures with their father as a result of the murder of their mother by an unknown creature, the production has a very serious fan base around the world.

Criminal Minds 15, which has been on the air since 2005. from productions that received approval for the season. However, this season will be the final season of the cult crime series. Moving on the axis of a special team pursuing crimes that have not yet been committed, the series focuses on minds with criminal potential.

The production, about the Gallagher family of six children and a father, has been on the air in the United States since 2011. Adapted in Turkey as ‘Bizim story’, the series is a tragicomic series that follows the axis of an alcoholic father and an altruistic sister.

7. celebrating its season, the Emmy-winning series is about a distinguished New Yorker going to prison for a past crime. The comedy drama is a series based on the memoir ‘My Year in a women's Prison’.

The comedy series, which began airing in 2009, is about what happened at the Parks and Gardens Department in Pawnee, America. The series, produced by the team of the Office, also bears similarities to this production as a narrative.

Ozark, a 2017 production, is the most recent on the list. The series, about the escape of an ordinary family living in Chicago from Mexico's second-largest drug cartel, has one of the most gripping scenarios in recent years.Already on its way to becoming a television phenomenon, Ozark is the second most popular production on IMDb, just after Game Of Thrones.

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