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Terms of receiving SSI support in IVF treatment

Tube therapy, which has been ongoing since 1998, is regulated in our law in the regulation on treatment practices and treatment centers that help reproduce, published in the Official Gazette on 06.03.2010. This regulation contains provisions including treatment conditions, payment support of the state and all other legal considerations. The aim of the regulation married couples who can't have children, medically assisted reproduction treatment methods appropriate to have children by means of those who were deemed to be made for the application of the principles of this practice is the center of the opening, operation and supervision is to regulate the procedures and principles. With a number of changes introduced in 2014, the regulation became final.

In addition to this regulation, the Social Insurance Law No. 4410 also regulates the procedure for supporting IVF treatment by the state. Social Security Institution, IVF treatment is among the health services that can receive government support Dec. But there are general conditions set for the use of this state support. 63 of Law No. 4410. As stated in the article, there is a decision to provide funding for reproductive treatments. In the communiqué on health practice (SUT) of the same law, the necessary conditions are included. In vitro fertilization costs covered by SSI are supported in accordance with the constantly updated regulatory requirements. All 4A, 4B and 4C insurance holders under the roof of SSI can receive SSI support for IVF treatment with a delegation report that they can issue free of charge.

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Based on the regulation, the conditions for supporting IVF treatment by SSI are as follows: 

* Being married,
* Ensuring age criteria,
* Not having children from their current marriage,
• One of both spouses has at least 5 years of SSI and has at least 900 days of premium days,
* Do not have any disease that prevents conception,
* Receive a delegation report. 

When these conditions are met, the parties will not have any problems related to this issue, since all criteria are legally met. In addition, with the new legislation amendment, the SSI can cover IVF treatment twice, while with the new amendment, the right of people to benefit from SSI payment has increased to 3.

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