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Teens will design fabric coached by Dilek Hanif

Turkey, one of the world's leading textile producers, is preparing for a new development move that will further raise quality and production standards. Southeastern Anatolia textile and raw materials Exporters ' Association (GATHIB by the support of the Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) under the Coordination of the southern regional branch of the Chamber of textile engineers performed with the cooperation of Tissue fabric design contest, local production, local ideas and local talent to the solidarity of the young entrepreneurs open up new opportunities of exhibiting.


Famous Fashion Designer Dilek Hanif Is Coaching The Competition

The texture fabric design competition, coached by famous fashion designer Dilek Hanif, aims to sign the products of the future with innovative and modern fabric designs in the textile sector and to offer new opportunities to all young entrepreneurs, especially students. Fabric sector for national/international market competition trend and can able to create unique and value-added product designs which aims to reveal the competition participants by creating a platform that will bring together experts draws attention. Famous fashion designer Dilek Hanif, who coached the competition, stated that he was very happy to be involved in the project, saying that it is very important for him to convey his accumulation, what he has learned, evaluate and benefit, and said: "texture and fabric are also important elements that support the design. I am excited about this competition because I believe that with new colors, new textures, innovative parts, Turkey will move to a much different position in the field of Textiles. It is important for us that the fabric uncovered in the competition can be produced and used. In this competition process, we will make sure that it is both artistically different and that it is usable and producible parts. Of course, it is also important that products incorporate the concept of sustainability. Products that benefit both the manufacturer, the manufacturer and the person who uses them, respectful of nature, are now very important today. We all need to ensure that in the country. We also expect the contestants to do so. I think we'll do a great job together. As a result of the competition, I will prepare a collection of 40 pieces of manufactured fabrics. So we'll be sharing a textile story from start to finish."


Details Of The Competition Were Revealed At A Press Conference

At a press conference with the participation of famous fashion designer Dilek Hanif and Seval Uyakık, President of the Southern Regional Branch of the Chamber of textile engineers, who was on the jury panel of the competition, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of exporters of Textiles and raw materials of Southeastern Anatolia A. Fikret Kileci shared information about the scope, goals and functioning of the competition. At the meeting, which was attended by Fazıl Özyaşar, vice chairman of the board of Directors of GATHIB, and Ipek Teymur Külekçi, a member of the board of directors, who shed light on the textile and fabric sector; developments in the fashion world on the scale of design were conveyed to the public and reporters ' questions about the sector were answered.


Goals To Strengthen The Sector

Chairman of the board of Directors of the Association of textile and raw materials exporters of Southeast Anatolia A. Fikret Kileci at a press conference to promote the importance of referring to the emergence of new designers and training in the following statement is found: "the creativity of young people, which is important in the sense of removing one of this competition has the potential to be increasing the variety of products exported with the national/international market of our country in original, high value-added and innovative products, we aim to provide the emergence of. Fabric selection has a very important role in the success of the design. Looking at the history of fashion movements, you can see many examples of this. With the changing world, the priorities of consumers and designers are changing. With this competition, we aim to identify original and value-added product designs that will respond to priorities, create new trends.  Dilek Hanif brand, which is preferred by world famous names and style icons today, proudly represents Turkey's name in the international arena with its success in spreading around the world and taking decency among fashion giants. We are confident that his coaching will make a great contribution to our competition and we thank him for his support." 


Applications run until May 17

Applications for the competition, in which candidates can participate according to a theme they are inspired by, without restrictions, until May 17, 2021 dokusundasanatvar.org it can be done at your address. The results of the competition, in which candidates will be evaluated according to the criteria of innovative value, originality, technical competence and commercialization, will be announced in October. Competition first prize is £ 100,000 and the second to $ 50,000, 25,000 third prize was awarded, when the first three contestants for a period of 2 years if deemed appropriate internationally accepted will have the opportunity to receive training at training centers overseas. The 10 finalists who have passed the second evaluation in the competition will be awarded a “Training Program Award” from the Design Academy, which Gathib will determine and announce during the competition process.

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