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Taste stops in Cunda step by step

Let's take a very brief look at its recent history before briefly touring the flavor stops on the streets of Cunda. Cunda Island is also called" Alibey". This is because during the war of Independence, the 172 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Ali Bey. The regiment's heroic resistance to the Greek forces. The Greek occupation lasts until 15 September 1922. But with the Lausanne agreement, another process begins. 
In the population exchange carried out in accordance with the agreement, Crete, Lesbos and Macedonian Turks and Ayvalik and Jundali Greeks are replaced. This is a forced migration, and it causes wounds between the two peoples who have experienced migration that are still not closed today Dec. I always try to bring these migration scenes before my eyes as I wander through the cobblestone back streets of Ayvalik, among the old Greek houses, admiring these magnificent balcony decks made of garlic stone. The reason I love this place so much and find it close to myself is because of this migration, which occupies an important place in my personal family history düşünürüm...Ve now it's time for the flavor stops.…

MOLA CUNDA HOTEL one of the most pleasant places to stay in Cunda. Especially the open buffet breakfast makes a difference with fresh and natural products unique to the region. Even if you're not staying, you should come here for breakfast one morning. A few minutes ' walk from the center of Cunda, Mola Cunda is a good alternative not only for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner with its large inner courtyard and structure that supports social distance rules.  (0 266 327 27 01) 

FRANKISH CUNDA Tea and coffee breaks can be made throughout the day at the place on the street of Taksiyarhis Church. The place also has a very nice garden with homemade delicacies. In the evening, you can taste great cocktails at this sweet place. (0 532) 625 42 86.

I don't think anyone came to Cunda today and didn't hear the name of Stone coffee. Stone coffee with its high ceilings and authentic atmosphere awaits you every season when you come to Cunda. On hot summer days, you can sit on wooden tables and chairs right in front of you and sip coffee and tea against the sea. It's also one of the places that makes the most beautiful Ayvalik toast.
(0266) 3271166


If you want to act like an Islander, here's a real local place for you. He's been serving the same shit for years. Right next to the sea. Prices are much more affordable than their counterparts in Cunda. Between you and me, they're the best at making the famous decaf toast. If you want, you can take your pie, your doughnut and go, and you can just order your drink. 


Perhaps Ada's most enjoyable bakery. Don't look at the Black Sea name, they also make Island-specific things very delicious. For example, curd dessert is one of them. You should also try almond keşkül and walnut cookies.  (0266) 327 15 21

BICUNDA coffee
It's one of Cunda's most intimate venues. The service were great. It's a place you can trust with coffee from Americano to frappes. If you want to drink good coffee and have a nice chat with friends in Cunda, you're in the right place. The price can also be called reasonable compared to Cunda prices. (0 266) 3272101

1862-Cunda Despotevi

This memorial building, dating from 1862, was restored and brought to the present day by KHG architecture in a short period of 14 months last year. Even with this project, High architect Dr. Işıl Gençoğlu received the Gold Award for restoration at the A Design Award in Italy. Although you are not staying at the Cunda Despot house, you should definitely have dinner at the 1862 restaurant inside.  Accompanied by island-specific olive oil, you should try the menu of appetizers, herb dishes and seafood created by Chef Euphrates Sirish with local ingredients. (0 266) 327 19 00


Imagine sitting on a pier above the sea at a special point in Cunda. You can taste daily fish varieties with herb and olive oil appetizers special to Cunda and Aegean cuisine. Let's add that all the oils used in the restaurant are Ayvalık olive oil, which has its own crops and has a special geographical indication. Especially on weekends, you must make a reservation in advance, as it will be difficult to find a place. (0 266) 327 22 44 


In the center of Cunda, we can call it the place with perhaps the largest appetizer cabinet. Cunda Bay restaurant opened by Salih Dogan, who has worked in the service area in Cunda for many years, is located in a historic building. But in the summer he welcomes his guests in the garden. In this recent period, they balanced the number of tables by following the rules of social distance. If you are wondering what you should definitely taste when you come here: Hokni, izvinya, cipez and radish grass, as well as fish patties and mussels with cheese. (0 266) 327 33 66


Good food, good wine with accompaniment and a pleasant place. One of the newest in L'arancia da Cunda. On Cunda Island, they offer a different concept to their guests. In other words, they have a rich menu prepared differently from the usual appetizer-fish restaurants. The atmosphere is extremely pleasant. If you are sure to eat what you say, Try sea bass and tiramisu cooked in lemon. (0 266) 327 27 37

Mirror Restaurant
One of the places in Cunda that allows you to experience the feeling of time travel is the Mirror. Summer and winter are open. But it may not be open every day under these latest Corona measures. You have to call and get information. It is located in a beautiful building with high ceilings, reflecting the original architecture of Cunda.  A ‘laboratory’ kitchen that blends Mediterranean and Cretan cuisine, as its creators call it. Healthy meals are served with an aesthetic presentation. (0266) 327 27 25


One of Cunda's newest. He started serving last year. The work of two enterprising sisters. They followed their dreams while working hard in the casting industry, and Aniva Cunda appeared.
In a historic Cunda House, it is noted for its elaborate and modern decoration along with its garden at the back. The menu changes frequently. They also have options for vegan and gluten-free diets. And a live music broadcast in the evenings. At Aniva boutique right next door, they offer a selection of designs that they have created with their own taste for sale. This is a different world. (0542) 478 5020


Uno restaurant
Although fish restaurants come to mind when it comes to Cunda, UNO is now one of the icons of Cunda. Great pizza varieties, good coffee and good service. There are both day and evening services. The location is also central. Especially if you're a crowded group and everyone has different tastes, here everyone can find what they're looking for. (0266) 3271828

Quaff Pub
If you want to go to a bar after dinner, Quaff is a great alternative, with the Cunda hotel located right next to the Sea next to the hotel. The cocktails are fantastic, but also the choice of music playing in the background is very good. If you want, you can have a great meal first. Later in the night, you have the chance to sit on the beach around the fire. You must make a reservation to sit right by the sea.  (532) 388 17 87

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