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Super Mario is back

Super Mario, Nintendo's first game to be released on different platforms other than its own consoles, was released worldwide, including Turkey, as of last night.

Mario's character starts running on his own when the game starts. As you touch the screen, it is necessary to collect gold by breaking obstacles with the jumping character. And as a classic, the flagpole is at the end of the episode. Although it does not capture its original magic, with its rich visual content and music, it seems to excite those who grew up with this game. The game, which includes 24 different sections and 6 different worlds for gamers, is downloaded for free. However, after four episodes, a fee of $9.99 is charged.

Nintendo officials said in a statement that the game cannot be played offline due to some pirated concerns, meaning it is not possible to play the game without the internet.

The Android version of Super Mario Run will be available to Google Play in March, Nintendo's official Twitter account announced.

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