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Summer Kiss: 8 new bronzer suggestions

Bronzer powder, which can be easily used by oily skin, contains coconut, mango extract, offers a matte finish use.


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The bronzer, which has 3 different shades, leaves a natural glow with its light shimmering grains. SPF 15 protection factor is used in the content of the product vitamin E is remarkable.


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The bronzer, which claims to leave no orange undertones on the skin, offers a light gold glittering make-up. You can choose from 3 different shades.



With its lean structure, semi-matte appearance, this product is perfect for those who want to protect their face from the sun and feel the glow, those who want to increase their tan and those who want a little more contour in face makeup.


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The pigments in the mineral powder leave the face feeling sun-washed. If you want, you can also use it to clarify your lines for contouring.


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It provides a matte finish by trapping natural light and penetrating imperfections, giving it a natural look. Thanks to its soft and silky thin structure, it provides a velvety appearance while easily dispersing on the skin. It doesn't look like a mask on the skin.



If you want some color and shine on your skin, you can apply it to your skin by taking a pea-sized piece. Those looking for a glittering Tan may opt for it. Let's remind you that the product is in liquid form.


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Thanks to its creamy formula, it leaves a more natural look. You can apply it not only to your face, but also to your neck and decolletage area.


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