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Summer holiday recommendations for children

With the closure of the schools, a long summer holiday began and education was suspended. For children, usually long nights, days without lessons, homework, means plenty of pleasure and minimal responsibility. Of course, it's normal for the summer holidays to evoke them, but as with everything else, it's important to find the balance here.

The framework of rules and tasks should stretch, even yawn. But domestic rules and boundaries must continue to exist.  Otherwise, the child will have a summer in which the mind becomes lazy academically, and at the end of the summer it becomes difficult to adapt to school. According to research in the cognitive field, the information acquired during the year is largely lost in permanence, especially during a summer holiday that is inefficient in elementary school age.

So what are the tricks of a summer vacation where fun and responsibilities are balanced?

-Prepare a summer program, whether written or oral. You should organize this in an environment where you talk as a family, taking the child's ideas and demands. It will be easier for him to be motivated by a program in which he has his own say.

-Beyond the school's assignments, you can try ways that they will enjoy more, instead of directing your child to extra tests and textbooks. You can try numerical and verbal skills in the importance of playing games with children, educational sets and applications.

-In the summer period, instead of presenting reading as an imposition on the child, I mentioned 7 recommendations that love reading books to children. One of the most important points is to make room for him to read the books he chooses according to his own taste.

-It is necessary to support the child not only in the academic field, but also in terms of physical development. Taking time out of a sport of interest or attending a summer camp will be both physical activity and social skills practice.

-Your child may be bored and bored in the time left over from all these activists. It's a positive thing because the capacity to be alone and bored will be revealed. Because, without a special program or a friend, he can have an experience where he can discover his own creativity and learn to tolerate it.

-When we say flexibility, this also applies to sleep and meal patterns. Not everything may be as orderly as it was in school time, but there shouldn't be complete uncontrollableity. There may be flexibility such as going to bed/waking up 1-2 hours later than usual, allowing him to eat what he chooses, what he likes, even if there are no useful foods.

-During the summer holidays, behaviors such as playing games until morning and watching movies are one of the most limitless that we encounter, and they are risky in many ways. On the other hand, the child must live and see exceptions. For example, if your child wants to wake up (which sounds pretty cool to them in elementary school), maybe you can give them the space to experience it by having a movie/game night together.

-Finally, the absence of school should not be a break from life, but rather a time when they can get to know the real world and meet with a sense of responsibility. In accordance with his age, the gains he will gain from working, labor, life experience such as mowing things, helping you in your business, producing something he is interested in, even selling them are very valuable.

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