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Summer favorites from

Lotion, which increases post-sun tan in summer, is indispensable for me every summer. It moisturizes your post-sun body and protects your tan for up to a month.


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This hair perfume, which smells incredibly beautiful, also gives your hair a healthy shine.  It is especially suitable for the summer months with its fresh smell. Thanks to its small size, you can carry it with you at any time.


a bottle of alcohol

I use pumpkin-in-essence organic restorative hand cream for manicures and when my hands dry during the day. It smells incredibly good and softens beautiful hands.


a bottle of orange liquid

Ever since I discovered Urban Decay's makeup stabilizer spray, I haven't been able to use another spray. The makeup lasts not only at night, but until morning! :)

a bottle of nail polish

Especially in the summer, my skin is incredibly dry. After the shower, I sometimes mix this oil with single, sometimes Bepanthol and apply it. It moies well and smells very good. Only natural oils were used instead of synthetic odors. It never leaves a glittery look on your body. You can use it after bathing or after the sun.


a glass beaker with a black cap and a black cap

It stands out as a complete summer deodaran with its white peach and jasmine scents. It is also important to me that it does not leave a mark on the clothes because it is powder-free...

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