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Suede trend in 5 steps

Suede skirts in particular are one of the most popular pieces. It can be combined with denim shirts, white, black or lemon yellow tops, as it is usually in earthy tones and taba tones. One of the colors that best suits the shades of the taba is undoubtedly powder pink.

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You can combine suede parts with different fabrics and colors, or you can complete them with suede parts. It is also a method to choose the tone of the lower and upper parts differently. We've talked about tassel fashion before. Tassel details, especially used in suede parts, are one of our favorites.

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Besides, perhaps the best thing about these suede pieces is that we can use them in summer and winter, especially in spring. Coats and jackets are full spring, while skirts are worn in summer or paired with socks in winter.

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The leopard print suede looks great on the pieces. This balances the sporty and bohemian air of suede with a sexier, more feminine piece.

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Those who want to get a slightly more outlier style can use the charm of red and green. This season, be sure to throw a piece, skirt or blouse in your closet. There are still some pretty handy pieces in the storefronts of brands.

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