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Style tracking: Masculine rise of pink

We've learned to take pink out of the pretty girl image and use it in cooler, more unusual ways. In particular, Alessandro Michele's pink-and-black suit was one of the most acclaimed pieces of last season.

Nowadays, he uses pink mostly in red, black and soldier green, fashion lovers all over the world. Alexa Chung, who wears a black converse under a pink dress, is one of the icons who breaks the perception of pink as "sweet."

It is possible to rebel even pink by completing it with a leather jacket on it. Sometimes you can opt for a pink jacket-trouser suit and masculinize the color. And here's the result: almost every brand and store has a sloppy section that catches your eye as soon as you walk into the store!

Whether it's powder tones or dark fuchsia tones, each woman's pink is different... What pink do you prefer?

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