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Start yoga against the shopping spree

I want to talk about breathing first. Pranayama, breath, is the energy of life. Every mentioned being and man in the universe has this energy. It also needs: Physical, sexual, spiritual, intellectual, sprituel and funny... Prana and the soul are unconditionally connected.


* Sit in a comfortable position

* Connect the fingers of your right hand and gently press your thumb into your nostril and try breathing

* Now take deep breaths and take slowly without disturbing the position. Repeat this process for 3 minutes.

* Try to feel the beautiful feelings that excite and call you when applying this.

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Camel posture, aka ushtrasana... When we bend backwards to make this movement, the shape of the body resembles a camel, so it is called camel posture. Ushtra means camel. Ushtrasana is also suitable for beginners and the elderly, correcting balance and posture disorder. This asana is also a very good move for people who are sitting and working and have to constantly lean forward.

Positive effects

- Improves body posture

- Increases lung capacity

- Regulates all internal organs and blood circulation

- Strengthens the back and spinal cord muscles

- Resolves tension in back, shoulder and ankle

- Relieves lower stomach pains

- Organizes monthly periods

Things to look out for

These movements are not recommended if you have diarrhea, headache, migraine or high blood pressure. If there are heart conditions, exercises should be done in consecons.


* Sit with your knees broken and put your hands on your knees

* Close your eyes and stay in this pose for 3 minutes

* Open your eyes, rise above your knees and slowly turn back


* Keep the pose so that the palm touches your soles

(Beginners, on the other hand, put their hands on the buttocks and are very light

they can bend backwards, the arms should not be stretched while doing so)

* Stay like this for 3 minutes and keep breathing

* To get out of position, slowly come up, break your knees, take the baby pose. In doing so, extend your arms towards your legs.

* Keep your forehead on the ground

* Stay here for 3 minutes and repeat this several times

You can do these movements in less than 3 minutes, you can go up to 11 minutes as you get used to it.

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a person doing yoga on a blanket in a park

Salamba-sarvangasana supports this asana spirit, body and mind. The brain is much more careful and calm here. The body doesn't have to pump the blood upwards when applying this asana. That's how the heart rests.

Positive effects

- Regulates blood circulation

- Fixes insomnia problem

- Regulates trioit glands

- Regulates breathing and heart rhythm

- Protects against cold perception diseases and is good for nasal congestion

- Removes the problem in the thick intestine

- Helps regulate hormones


- Should not be done during the period of regly and in case of diarrhea and high blood pressure


- Lie on your back, extend your arms to the side of your legs

- Break your knees slowly and pull towards your chest

- Put your hands on your waist and lift your hips slowly from the ground

- Gently lift your broken knee upwards, stay for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, the jaw should be on the chest, the head should not be turned right, left, shoulder and neck should be comfortable

- Lower the knees towards the chest as you exit the movement

- Put your hands on the ground and move the vertebrae one by one

slowly lower your back to the ground

- Stay where you are, close your eyes and try not to think about anything

- When you feel ready, turn right with your eyes closed and slowly

Take a sitting pose, remember where you are

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a woman lying on her back in the grass
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