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Spring special recommendations for boosting our energy

Here Comes My Dear spring. Cemres fell one by one... First in the air, then in the water, then in the ground... And Spring began... The energy of life within us began to rise from sleep.

Winter's over. March 21, the' Equinox ' is the beginning of a new year for some ancient Turkic tribes... Ostara, the beginning of spring, Nowruz for some of us, Easter for some of us... Colorful eggs, lighter clothes that replace clothes that keep dark and warm in winter, food and, of course, floral smells like mis. We begin the days when your earth mother wore her floral dresses. Fruit trees are also slowly beginning to bloom. It's time to mow what we sow. 

How do we welcome spring in the most beautiful, most spacious, most energetic, most full, most joyful way? The transition of this season can make our body tired in terms of resistance by making it hot and cold... Dumping pollen for bees to make honey can also trigger our allergies. So how do we experience a harmonious transition to them? Let's start with our house...

Our home, our temple Sage-Diary-Oneness by burning the mixture together or Palo Santo-Sandal by burning incense of tree origin, such as them Juniper-Cedar-Pine by feeding it with essential oils, we can replenish the heavy and musky energy left over from the winter in our home. Then we open the doors and windows, and then we renew the air with fresh air.Juliette: Especially the January cookers are cleaned. We'll clear the main source of fire in the House. 

After this cleaning process, we can use a lot of floral fragrances in our Censer. Fires lit in spring are important. For this reason, even if it is a candle fire, the fire in the use of Censer is also purifying. 

In our homes and offices, ITR is both an essential oil that we prefer very much for energy field cleaning and a great floral fragrance. Apart from that, we can use ylang ylang and patchouli together. You know, spring also means love.. Jasmine and chamomile essential oils can also be used in censers or diffusers. 

By combining these beautiful floral scents with citrus fruits such as Tangerine, Bergamot, vetiver and patchouli, we can also prepare our spring perfumes and body care oils by using them in a base oil such as jojoba. 

Against the fiery – hot smells of winter, we also turn to lighter and floral smells in our body. Spirit-body and our minds light up these fragrances with flower essence. Although we are in urban life, our frequency adapts to nature. 

As nature Awakens, it begins to work for flowering in pollen. Our allergies can be triggered. Both to continue to protect the corona and to relieve our airways during this period, we can use the following essential oils again in our censers and diffusers to be 2 drops to 10 m2. Essential oils that we can use to relax our nasal passages and respiratory tract...

Australia and New Zealand first opened to the west in 1770 by Captain James Cook in the form of boiling plant leaves due to their cleansing effects. It's a plant normally already well known to Australian natives. The antibacterial ratio of active substances in its content is quite high. Dr. A.R Penfold explained the antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic effects of the plant in 1925. 

We have been using pine essential oil since ancient Greece to reduce stress, increase energy, antiseptic with all its effects. 

It's one of the most refreshing smells we all know best. It opens our airways, focuses our attention, relaxes our breath with its sharpness, does not end up counting antiseptic properties.. Let the fresh and warm energy of spring shake us all. Let the heavy energy of winter fall on us like an old dress…

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