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Special recommendations from hair and makeup artists for February 14

If you prefer natural make-up on Valentine's Day, you can do your hairstyle just like Kate Beckinsale's. Collect your hair from the top first, then make a loose bun. If you lower the front a little, you'll make your face look thinner than it is. Especially if you have bangs, this model is for you on the evening of February 14th.

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You can opt for romantic wavy hair for Valentine's Day. To have Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's hair, apply voluminous foam when your hair is wet, cut your hair into five, six tufts with the help of your fingertips, curl and dry with curls. Drying with the low heat of your blow dryer will make your hair look more voluminous. After the drying process is completed, do not forget to apply serum to make your hair ends look alive.

As for make-up, it's possible to look flawless on February 14th with a distinctive and misty eye make-up and vibrant skin! All you have to do is apply the black eye pencil to the bottoms of the eyelashes and steam it upwards with the help of a soft brush. Lighting your eye with a light gray tone on the inside of the eye to make your eye look more dimensional will make your eye makeup more prominent. Contouring with two shades of dark color from your skin to highlight the characteristic lines makes your skin look more beautiful in photos. On the lips, you can opt for a nude lipstick. If you don't like nude tones, my suggestion is Avon Perfectly matte red lipstick.

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Blake Lively used a colourful moisturiser to provide a tan and damp glow on her skin. These colored moisturizers do not look thick like foundation on your skin because they are thin and absorbed. Then apply a thin concealer with a liquid structure. Of course, this concealer must be a ton or two clear from your foundation. Apply concealer to your T zone. Apply forehead, nose, eye circumference, cheekbones to the jaw between the lips and nose. Then proceed to the application of bronze powder. Then apply the MAC's All That Glitters headlight to the bottom and top of your eyelid. Then apply the headlight named Bronze. (but this application should be from the outer to the inside from the outer to the middle eyelashes). Then again, rub the MAC's Teddy eye pencil into your eyelash bottoms and then distribute it with the help of a pencil brush. Draw a very, very thin eyeliner on top of it at the bottom of the eyelashes, and then apply mascara.

As for the cheeks, apply a peach and matte blush from ear to cheek with a wide-ended brush. A light touch or two with a lingering pen will suffice for the eyebrows. On your lips, it can be a pink balm, a brightly thin lipstick with moisturizer, it will suffice if you use it to give it a slight color.

Blake Lively smiling with a lot of soda cans behind her
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First, pull a blow-dry from the top and prevent your hair from getting electrified with Pantene Argan Oily Elixir. Then make a simple distinction between the middle and the middle of your hair. Get hair in tufts from both the top and bottom up to the top of the ear. 

After the ear level is finished, weave only the hair from the top towards the nape and leave the first tuft open. Weave the nape of your hair and spread it out a little, catching natural drops. Fasten the braided hair on the back of your neck with wire buckle to make it into a bun. And then be prepared for your lover's admirable gaze.

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If you want to have the perfect makeover on Valentine's Day, you should pay attention to the choice of foundation. The most important element here is color selection. Choose the color according to your body (cleavage). The second important element is that foundation is used to fund makeup and aim to edit color, not to cover imperfections with foundation. Leave the defects to the concealer. As for eye makeup, eye make-up using bronze powder and coffee-toned headlights is one of my favorites. All you have to do is make your eye clear with bronze powder and increase it with a matte coffee headlight. My suggestion for all kinds of eyeliners is to make a very small line in the middle of the eye and carefully finish it with small movements inward and outward.


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It's up to you to make your hair look nice and cool on Valentine's Day without professional help. First, wrap all the ends of your hair irregularly with tongs. Then, when you make your hair a ponytail with a hair buckle, shaping the front of your hair, your hair is ready. If your hair is low, apply a light crepe and hairspray to the bottoms of the ponytail.


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