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Solar Eclipse and Horoscope Comments on December 14, 2020

Now we want to get rid of the corona and regenerate. Or we have been unemployed for a long time and now we want a quest for renewal. This eclipse will support us to be reborn from the ashes in matters such as work, love, position, health. Fire and Air horoscopes will be most affected. Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius 1. They will be affected by this eclipse.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will discover new experiences, new areas of talent that they have not seen in their lives. They can find themselves having different loves in different jobs they don't expect.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will develop their will during this eclipse. In the morning, they will feel like students who are studying, and in the evening, they will feel like students who are working to read. They'll have to work a little too hard and program their lives for their own dreams, goals. The eclipse will not be observed from our country. It will be seen in the South American region. Argentina, the south of Brazil, Chile are the places that will get the most impact. Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia will be able to observe a shadowy eclipse. An eclipse in this part of the world can bring to the fore the changing weather conditions and seasonal difficulties with Waters, earthquakes and ocean currents. Both ocean currents are important, and the Amazons, our Earth's terrestrial oxygen tank, work for us just like our lungs. The negativity that will occur here can leave all countries of the world geographically threatened.

The economy could suffer again because of political sanctions. Now we need to remember that we are helpless in the face of nature, creating living spaces intertwined with nature.

It works like 23 degrees Sagittarius, 23 degrees Aquarius. The degree's term and Dean's executive are working for Saturn. Degree Of Eclipse Aquarius the feature carries. The term and Dean are also working on the planet Saturn. We will see service to the collective with technology. We will once again understand the importance of globalization. Communication, technology, cybernetic communication will be at the forefront. The state, the government will take measures for society and the people. He represents an area of hopeful, particularly on health.

Its advantage will be in health (the needs of the people are the priority), while in the disadvantaged part, the crisis processes experienced due to pollution of information sources, inattention in practical applications will be waiting for us.

Countries can hide their sources of information. Leaked information can lead to a loss of faith in governments. Popular uprisings and revolts can occur.

State administrators will have to play their cards open. In addition, the Mars triangle that comes to the information planet Mercury may seem compatible, but in the opposite way, we should know that fast applications will increase the problems they experience.

Mercury needs a sign that can make B plans like Virgo. It needs encouraging areas to experiment like Gemini, but without Mercury's position in Sagittarius and the angle of support it receives from Mars, it will increase the damage to health and economics due to rapid and biased applications.

The moment of the eclipse is reunited with the star of Ras Alhague. This star is located in the constellation Ophiuchus. The famous constellation of the Serpent. He is seen with the figure holding the snake. The snake appears in esoteric cognition with its meaning that changes its skin, regenerates and carries healing. The field of Medicine will shine so much. This eclipse gives us a great space for healing and purification.

The eclipse will take place at 28 degrees Scorpio. This degree merges with the Jyeshta Nakshatra.
This constellation, which is under the control of Mercury Mars, again shows the area that the same western information offers us. We must learn to control our power.  It's happening on the Ketu side, the South Moon node. Our fighting power will be triggered too much. We'll see information wars. Communication, logistics channels will be at the forefront.

We'll be witnessing the tough struggles of those who want to make short-cuts. Also the Scorpion Side shows Arab countries. There will be challenges for Arab countries regarding health, recycling, the economy, the transformation of oil, workers and trade unions.

My friends, Jyeshta is an important Nakshatra. In Vedic we use 27 Naqshatras. 27 naqshatra is divided into 3. The first nines are Nakshatras that address personal spaces. We'll start with Aswini. The next nine are Nakshatras that affect social areas, and the last nine are constellations that serve the collective.

Jyeshta is 18. It takes place in this transition as naqshatra. The transition from social space to collective space is naqshatras. In other words, the work produced by societies will be transformed in the name of serving the collective in the coming months!

The Jyeshta Nakshatra symbolizes earrings, circular objects and umbrella. An umbrella is not actually a shaped tool that we use to protect us from rain. Shams root means sun. In fact, the word umbrella means sunshade. It first appeared in order to be used to protect us from the sun. We weren't thinking about producing waterproof fabrics at first.

The sun means knowledge, but when it's intense, it burns and scorches relentlessly on power, ego, and success. For this reason, using an umbrella means a kind of protection from the personal ego, not being fascinated by power, creating our own shadow in the name of knowing ourselves, our place.

I want you to draw an umbrella as a symbol and write word for word on the topics you feel strong and want to achieve under that umbrella.

For example, we should write sentences such as" I always succeed in exams“, not” I want to succeed in my exams this year". Present tense let's go with the sentences we use. 

"I live my love. He knows I'm loved, I always feel it. My knowledge illuminates me. I'm always appreciated in my work. I'm so loved in my relationships."we can dig under the umbrella where we draw sample phrases such as".

We'll keep these papers until the eclipse in June. It's important that he's somewhere in front of us. I suggest you keep it in a place where you can always see it.

Foreign, Foreign, foreign resources, foreign capital you can create new areas of experience in these areas. There's a part to be careful about! You can get stuck in your belief patterns in a 6-month period when you reveal yourself. You may feel inadequate. Or you're very confident, but you may feel that others don't support you. If I mention your exams that you have to deal with in this process, you should be able to upgrade your own equipment, upgrade your CV, strengthen your life and keep yourself strong and care about your beliefs. You can go on long trips. It can allow your training channels to be open. As for love and relationships, it will allow you to be more lucky for those of you who conduct a distant relationship. Well, in response to the question of when we will feel the effects, you can spread it for 6 months. February March may be more like the end of the month. Before making quick decisions, you can remember the following words for your decision. "The devil is involved in haste.”

You will experience the effects of the eclipse in your money-making household. Debts-you may need to pay attention to your fees and allowances. You can deal with the jobs-processes that turn around behind you. ” What came to mind happened to me, " he might say. You may feel that you are not supported, especially in these areas. You may have developed concerns about joint gains and joint gains. There can be a cycle where you say,” my savings, my life and I don't know where we're heading." Flow and interest in mystical and school-based topics can increase. The direction of your energy can channel you. Information can flow to you. Beware of your dreams this period! You should write down your dreams. I'd like to try and care about the mystery behind the sentences in your dual dialogues.

Relationships, marriage, love, position, status will be important to you. On the other hand, it also symbolizes the doors and relocations that you open to society. It will allow you to enter a new process and cycle of issues that you say,” how will I reveal myself?" You may want to see who's with you in the process. You may want to know who is supporting you. Love and sharing can be your priority in relationships. What you should pay attention to will be your friendship relationships. Because you'll be under the influence of a certain Mars Mercury square. You may also need to pay attention to the constraints and heated processes that will come from your friends or social environment. Your friendships, which you see as a loss, can turn into your earnings over time. The solution to your damaged relationships can be to lose friends. Here, in the 6-month process, it should be important not to lose hope.

Eclipse 6. you'll experience it from home. Your work environment, responsibilities, pets, coworkers, assistants, and health-related issues can come to the fore. Areas where you need to be careful and cautious will be your job, your status. You can face challenging situations, such as ideas and conflicts of ideas about revealing yourself. It can also help you gain new experiences about revising your own life and getting on your own feet. It can be useful to do self-confidence studies during this period.

Solar eclipse 5. you will experience the issues of your home. Love-relationships, children, issues related to your hobbies and interests can be your focus. It can bring you luck. It can allow your creativity and advertising channels to stand out. It can be instrumental in your participation in studies that can bring your areas of creativity to the forefront. Do you have enough equipment between your exams in a 6-month adventure?Dec. Or do you work with people who are adequately equipped? You may be faced with such issues and processes. Am I professionally equipped? you can enter interrogations such as. It can be instrumental in gaining experience in the processes related to or related to education.

You will experience the effects of the eclipse in your family and home. It can be an opportunity for you to experience important beginnings in changing and shaping your own private areas. You will feel the effects of the eclipse over the next 6 months. How free you are in your own life, in your private areas, and how empowered you are in your own life will allow you to enter a new cycle of these issues. You can have sudden reactions and make sudden decisions. For every subject and person you can't control, you may have to give twice as much performance and struggle. There may be moves. You may have to put distance and boundaries between you and family members.Dec. If you are married, you may have to distance yourself from your partner's family. You may have to set limits to your own private areas. You can move your business home. Your responsibilities for love and relationships can come to the fore. He will be particularly drawn to the feeling, saying, “Do I really see love and value?", "are my wishes met?"it can also allow you to experience these processes, such as.

From the air element property, you will get beautiful effects from this eclipse. It will allow you to see that you are supported. In particular, you will experience an eclipse where you will bring ideas, communication, creativity in yourself, writing, writing and artistic subjects to the fore. There may also be new experiences and sanctions related to your brothers, your inner circle and your neighborly relations. You will be involved in many energies that will be included in your love home. Especially if you are married, you can see support from your partner in this area, there may be surprise developments. You may be busy organizing your partner's life. You can be involved in the social circles of the person you love, your friends or your partner. You are entering a completely different adventure in which you will be involved in another environment outside your own environment.

The effects of the eclipse will come from material resources and money. You may face new sanctions, new processes about where you can earn income. Especially your health home will be triggered. You can make health-related expenses. It may also be instrumental in making expenses related to your work environment. You may want to buy equipment that will strengthen your work. This process can make you spend the necessary fixtures for your business. It will be stronger and it will be stressing that you need to focus on spending, where you can expand your business. If you're a housewife and it can allow you to renew your vacuum cleaner to speed up your working process at home. Investing in energy that will save time will become important. Assurances will come to the fore on your channel. What is important here is how much you can create assurances about love and relationships. You may want to guide and name your love affairs. In business relationships, you will also establish business associations and contacts and capture the potential to develop relationships in these areas.

The eclipse is taking place in your sign. You are entering a process in which you will be renewed and transformed. It is this eclipse that will allow you to move into an area where you will shape your life. You will grow stronger! You will also be supported, especially in the field of love and relationships. Because the triangle angle of Mars will help you adapt. In love, you may want to prioritize yourself in the relationship. On the other hand, changing your faith in love will help you change your faith patterns. You will be able to strengthen your belief patterns. “I don't want to get married! At the point where you say,” my freedom is restricted... " you are at the point where you look at marriage more warmly. You will experience an eclipse that will offer hints that a relationship does not restrict your priorities. It will be an eclipse where you will also develop your confidence. You will also be able to bring your own creativity to the forefront.

We'll experience an eclipse that will spread for 6 months. You can be in work that will decorate the interior instead of decorating the exterior, such as the areas that you have reserved for yourself, your external intimate areas, and the areas that you have returned to. Especially in the family and home household, whatever topic you can't talk about and share those values, intuitive ways and potentials can come in front of you. “You have misunderstood me, you can see that I care,” you may experience situations in which you have trouble conveying your love and showing your value in your family. Even if you don't talk, the universe will be talking to you with intuition that you can again express your accusations, troubles and misrepresentation to the other side in this regard through the right channels. In an interesting way, such as smells, senses, empaths, the universe can channel you with different methods of communication. As for love and relationships, it will also be emphasized how much you can share life. We need to be cautious and careful about business and development. We need to see what we can do in the background without putting ourselves in the foreground. More work on the invisible part of the iceberg will allow you to feed the visible surface later.

Your circle of friendship and hope will experience this eclipse from your home. There will be an eclipse supporting you. If there are clogged processes that you have not been able to socialize for a long time, it will be an opportunity for you to encounter energies that will bring these blockages back to the forefront. Especially your brothers, your environment, your ideas and thoughts will be very important in these matters. The sentences that come out of your mouth will affect others. Watch your language!

Bringing your own life to the forefront and being known will help you gain experience with your goals. What you're aiming for is starting to change.  These goals will be instrumental in strengthening your life. You will be supported by the three angles that Mars will make, in particular. It also encourages you with this angle that Mars will do. It can allow you to balance situations, such as the lack of financial resources to achieve your goals. It can be instrumental in spending on financial matters. In this process, you will need to spend to make a profit. You need to be cautious and careful about these issues. Because it is open to deception and can be faced with situations such as coming somewhere from the story. It will be in your best interest to be patient and take care to be in the work that goes slowly, step by step. You have to make it a principle to stay away from extravagant profit deception and not act without thinking. You should think that processes such as” we can achieve gains in about 1 year " will give you more advantages. You have to target investments in the long term. There may be difficulties in taking responsibility. You may also have to take responsibility for the work or people you love. Even if you don't have a partner, life partner, or anyone, your work and work environment can come to the fore. A new love, a new job can come from here. Activating the mutual support energy can also provide an advantage.

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