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Slippers trends of the summer 2018

Stones aren't just for night styles! Models created by combining sandals with glittering stones, indispensable for hot summer days, are among the favorites this season. Make room in your wardrobe for these slippers, which can comfortably adapt to both day and night.

a black and white shoe
a black and silver object with a black handle
a black and white diamond ring
a blue and gold bracelet
a black and white shoe

The wicker trend includes not only bags, but also slippers this season. You can make a difference by wearing straw slippers under a simple or mini-sized dress.

a snake with a white background
a white snake with a white ball
a brown hat with a white background
a pair of brown sandals
a hat on a white background
a wooden spoon with a handle
a wooden hat with a handle
a stack of wood

Buckled and stapled slippers were produced in many different styles and took their place in the showcases of famous brands. It usually comes across as cross-thick banded or stapled to the base edges. On this train we can also call it the trend of two-band - staple slippers. Because birkenstock's iconic model is also very trendy in the summer of 2018 as it is every year... The most important feature is that it comes across unimaginable combinations. Those who love comfort have lived!

a black hat with a black band
a white computer mouse
a red and white shoe
a red and white shoe
a blue and black pocket knife
a brown leather purse
a pair of black and white shoes
a black knife with a handle
a red leather hat

Now is the time to try this model, which will add a comfortable and cool touch to your steps. The rising trend of the street, combinations with bowed slippers, has never been more fun!

a green and black object
a white feather on a black surface
a close-up of a shoe
a brown and white shoe
a black and white shoe
a red and white sword
a hat with a strap
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