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Sleep in 5 steps

A good quality bed mattress should be your priority to improve your sleep quality. A soft or hard bed... Make a decision by trying before you buy it.

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Leaning your bed against the wall gives you a sense of psychological 'confidence'. Also, if you're decorating your home according to feng shui,your bed should never be window-based, or your energy will fly out the window during your sleep.

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Remove mobile phones, computers and even chargers from your bedroom. Looking at these devices before bed will make you sleepy.

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If you arrange the surroundings of your bed in a symmetrical way, it will make you feel like you are sleeping in a peaceful environment.  If there is a table above your bed, make sure it is centered, use two pillows instead of one in your bed. In Feng shui,a symmetrical order creates 'harmony'.

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Do not forget to ventilate your room every day for an ideal sleep. Also for a good sleep, room temperature should be neither too cold nor too hot.

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