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Simple yet effective touches to your salon

In this article, we will cover the halls of our house. In other words, our common area where we spend the most time, welcome our guests, and come together as a family.  Speaking of family time, I don't know. How about creating a photo wall with your good memories, your favorite family photos? Place your favorite pictures in frames that you will buy in several different sizes. You can also try adding wall accessories and written boards to the frames. Every time you see it, that warm corner is ready to warm you up and remind you of your beautiful memories!

a wall with pictures on it

One of the most popular materials used indoors at the moment is marble. Its natural texture, hundreds of alternatives and durability are the most important reasons of choice. If you are tired of your glass or wooden table dining table, try choosing a marble that is the appropriate color for your living room and simply changing the table. Thus, you will witness an effective change without the need to refresh your complete desk. You can also try different materials for your coffee table tables. For example, you can cut a mirror to the appropriate size for your glass table center table and have a completely different looking coffee table on a small budget.

a living room with a glass coffee table and a vase of yellow flowers

"I just bought my armchair suit, it's only been two years, but I'm bored." yes, that's exactly what it is. What did we say? It is imperative to make small changes in the interior, so as not to get bored and not to reduce the energy of the space. Did you know that you can extend the life of your furniture with the little touches you make a year or two? And did you know that "I haven't nailed a nail in 15 years" isn't really very flattering? Just like your clothes, you should not try different combinations with your furniture. For example, if you want to use That white silk shirt you've been wearing to business meetings for a long time. You can achieve a completely different look by combining it with a jean and a red scarf. Here's how you think of your existing furniture. With different types of accessories, it's up to you to make them look more sporty, more modern or more stylish. Back to the seat set; Try adapting them to your dream look with seat shawls and pillows of different colors.

a couch with pillows and a lamp

Take care to have at least one green plant in your living room. Keep in mind that fresh flowers also increase the energy of the place. Choose the one that you think is the easiest to care for among the indoor plants. Position fresh flowers at the top of your living room. We guarantee that every time you see it, it will make you happy.

a couch with pillows and pillows
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