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Signature of Vakko and Les Benjamins in the clothes of Turkish athletes

The Ministry of youth and Sports entrusted Vakko with the design of the road, ceremony and Olympic Village outfits to be worn by the athletes who will represent Turkey at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In the exciting process, all athletes who received a Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games visa to ensure that all designs were in the right segments were visited by Vakko teams in the provinces where they were located. Individual planting was carried out by taking individual dimensions of each athlete. Products produced by the craftsmanship of experienced Vakko tailors include jackets, trousers, sports pants, shirts, hooded knitwear, T-shirts, sneakers, shoes and fabric masks.decked out with the craftsmanship of experienced Vakko tailors.

Red and white of the Turkish flag were used as the main colors in the design of national clothes in both different categories: travel and ceremony. Navy blue, the main color of the Tokyo Olympics, which hosted the Olympics in fine lines, was added to these colors. In all Designs, Red and broken white symbolize the Turkish flag. Navy blue touches Tokyo Navy, while the unity of 3 colors reflects the team spirit.

Both women's and men's national athletes will use in daily life, especially in plane travel; hooded knitwear, T-shirt, sports pants consist of. With the three-color laces, biye details and sneakers used in these outfits, a feeling typical of the Tokyo Olympics was revealed. 

For the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Les Benjamins Creative Director Bünyamin Aydın has designed unique logo patterns for the official sportswear of Turkish athletes competing in Tokyo. Inspired by his design heritage, Bünyamin Aydin created a special monogram to decorate the Nike jerseys of male and female athletes.

“I have designed a logo that I think will best define Turkey,” explains Bünyamin Aydın, creative director of Les Benjamins, adding that the mosaic pattern of the monogram consists of four traditional woven patterns. "Each pattern represents themes of originality, unity, creativity and diversity. Inspired by our roots, this journey has come to this point, combined with my own slice of design.“

The four patterns, which emerge from Turkish carpet motifs and emphasize the importance of the four values mentioned above, combine into one iconic monogram applied to the sportswear collection of male and female athletes, which includes accessories such as shirts, polo, zippered tops, shorts, tracksuits, windbreakers, hats. 

September August August Dec July 23-August 08, 2021 and the Paralympic Games will be held from August 24 to September 05 in Tokyo 2020, which was scheduled to be held last summer but was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID – 19 global epidemic.

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