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Shooting of Spanish series If Only begins

Netflix today announced the start of filming If only, adapted from the powerful vision of one of Turkey's most prominent writers, Ece Yörenç. Irma Correa adapts this romantic story about second chances to the Spanish screen.  

Megan Montaner (30 coins, La caza. Monteperdido) plays the character Emma, who is quite unhappy with her current life but has the opportunity to completely change everything and start over.   Miquel Fernández (Alba, El Nudo) gives life to her husband Nando, while Michel noher (the Unit, 100 días para enamorarse) plays the character Rubén, whom Emma meets in her new life. In addition to these names, the cast includes such successful names as Jael Pascual (October 45), Eduardo Lloveras (The one) and Bore Buika (Élite). 

To date, many series (Aşk-ı Memnu, brave and beautiful, Fatmagül, North South and Medcezir) have been shown on Spanish television, even the Spanish adaptation of Fatmagül series successful screenwriter Ece Yörenç expressed that none of them have excited him as much as if only. "For the first time with If Only, my script comes to life as an original from another country, I can say that I am really overly happy. If only is a very funny and very emotional story. I wrote about a woman who was lost in her 10-year marriage looking for herself. I claim that after watching 8 episodes of this series, it will be watched again to find out the details that we have hidden in the series. I wish everyone who will already watch a good movie.” 

Irma Correa said: "Who doesn't want to travel to the past and have the opportunity to live our current life the way we always dreamed... If only describes Emma's journey to herself; dreams, hopes, the meaning of life, family, friendship, love... and a series that talks about inevitable fate... It's a dream come true for me to start shooting this project, because I don't know a better way to travel through time through Emma's eyes. " 

Emma, in her 30s, is quite unhappy with her 10-year marriage to Nando and her family life. Devoid of romance or excitement, he realizes that one day in his completely routine marriage, if he could travel through time, he would never accept Nando's proposal of marriage and decides to divorce. A few days after that, the most powerful blood lunar eclipse of the century takes place, and Emma, by some miracle, goes back a decade to 2008. The 30-year-old's mind is trapped in the 20-year-old's body. Now life has given him a chance to question who he is and who he wants to be, with the advantage of knowing what will happen in the next 10 years.

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