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Shoes design by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake began planning a new Air Jordan design with his fifth album, "Man of the Woods".

After his album "Higher Higher" for his wife, Timberlake began to think about how he could put together the ideas of "Higher" and "Air". "We knew that when the idea of making a product for each song came up, it would be like producing "Higher Higher" to produce an Air Jordan," Timberlake explains. Timberlake's first design was presented to millions during his Super Bowl halftime performance last February. "Two Minute Warning" sold out as soon as AJIII JTH was available, and everyone's expectations of "Man of the Woods" were even higher.

Timberlake describes the special craftsmanship in the new Air Jordans: "The idea of the album was to put things out there in a craftsmanship and artistic way. We wanted the same first-class quality and handmade craftsmanship in the shoe as the album was recorded with a live orchestra."

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