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Serra Yılmaz on the cover of Vanity Fair

Serra Yilmaz expressed his thoughts on this issue in the following words: “I am very happy that 48 such important women in Italy have included me. As women, the negativity that we experience in our fields all over the world does not intimidate us, but rather strengthens us and unites us as women. We are stronger together, and we will show our right along this path. I also think that with the pandemic, the theatrical work that stands all over the world should start as soon as possible, and while many risky activities continue, the survival of the theater has now reached a vital point. I miss the stage so much and look forward to being back on stage.”

Serra Yilmaz was finally continuing his theatrical work in Italy before the pandemic. His last play, ‘Don Quixote', met with theatergoers in Italy, the play was highly acclaimed and played at the closed box office throughout the year. The famous Italian actress Alessio Boni and Miguel de Cervantes adapted from the immortal work ‘Don Chisciotte (Don Quixote) ' for the stage together Yilmaz, Don Quixote's companion in the play gave life to Sancho Panza.

A constant addition to his theatrical achievements in Italy, he has won the Persofone Awards, one of the most prestigious Theatre Awards in Italy in recent years Best Actress he was awarded the Cuomo International Awards. Serra Yılmaz also starred in Ferzan Özpetek's last film, La Dea Fortuna, which was released in Italy.

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