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Selma Gürbüz exhibition in Istanbul Modern: A Place called World

Istanbul Modern is independent of Selma Gürbüz's time and space; For the first time, he brings his finely crafted works, woven with fairy tales, myths and myths, to the audience for the first time under the roof of a museum in Turkey. The exhibition titled "Selma Gürbüz: A Place Called the World" makes the artist's thirty-five years of art practice and his unique world of image visible.

The exhibition focuses on previously unex on-display works, including the artist's first digital works. More than a hundred works produced by Gürbüz with different expression tools such as painting, installation, pattern, video and sculpture are included in the exhibition.

In "A Place Called the World", which can be described as a comprehensive exhibition of the past, civilizations and the search for intercultural synthesis that comes to life in today's lines, a visual narrative is revealed by Selma Gürbüz, which is embodied by filtering through the art production that has become increasingly refined over the years. Although Gürbüz's work seems far from the reality of the world we live in, it actually tells the viewer about life, the passage of time and the state of people in this cycle.

The artist, who tells different stories in each work, shares the dreams, fears, inner journeys, themes of death and life in our collective memory with the audience in his works; He wants us to face them and deal with them. Gürbüz is familiar with the elements of Western painting and uses it in his works, while associated with Iranian, Indian, Turkish miniature, far eastern art. In the world where the artist invites the audience, human and animal figures are depicted in inseparable unity. Selma Gürbüz's paintings after her trip to Africa visualize the intersecting lives of humans and animals in the generous, warm, sometimes menacing nature of this continent.

Emphasizing that Istanbul Modern continues its exhibitions with Selma Gürbüz, which makes female artists visible in the Turkish art environment, Oya Eczacıbasi, Chairman of the Istanbul Modern Board of Directors, said, "In the exhibition titled 'A Place Called the World', we include over 100 works by the artist, who has worked in numerous museums and private collections, especially the Istanbul Modern and British Museum. On the occasion of the exhibition, I am also pleased that Selma Gürbüz's "Let's Take Care of Each Other" was added to the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Collection with the support of the Women Artists Fund, which we established to support the production of female artists and strengthen their representation. I wish that our exhibition, which will follow the traces of the rich inner world of the artist, will make all viewers feel good during these difficult times."

Selma Gürbüz and Istanbul Modern Senior Curator Story Özsoy gave information about the exhibition in the light of the measures taken to ensure that the museum can be visited safely within the scope of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and in the preview carried out with limited capacity while maintaining social distance.

"A Place Called The World" is my first solo exhibition in three years. It is a very special exhibition for me, both because my recent work can be seen in bulk for the first time and by bringing together examples from different periods of my art life. The hosting of Istanbul Modern also makes a lot of sense. Although it is not exactly a retrospective, it can be called my closest exhibition, both because of the large number of works and because it brings together works from different periods. For me, every exhibition is a showdown, I get very excited. Sharing my actions with the audience, putting my world in front of them without fear gives me indescribable emotions... Every exhibition is also a new thought, a new feeling for me. So I feel lucky, because my head is always full. Endless occupancy... I know none of my exhibits are the end point, so. Each time I feel the need to say something new, with a new quest, with a new swallow.

Beyond an exhibition, "A Place Called the World" is a visual encyclopedia of Selma Gürbüz that has filtered through the art production that has become increasingly refined over the years. The wandering spirit of the artist traveling between geographies, times, cultures; It offers us to rethink the issues that people, nature, life have accumulated with care. Selma Gürbüz's works, which generously open up to us what we cannot see or do not choose to see, seem far from the reality of the world we live in, but in fact they tell us about life, the passage of time and the state of people in this cycle. We are lost in a world as pleasant as it is uncanny, among the depictions of the visual encyclopedia that carries these delicious and surprising stories.

Born in Istanbul in 1960, Selma Gürbüz started her art education at Exeter College of Art Design in England in 1980. In 1984, he graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. Gürbüz's works, which have participated in many exhibitions in different cities of Japan, especially In Paris, Rome, Buenos Aires and Barcelona, are in different collections such as The British Museum in London, Galerie Maeght Collection in Paris, Istanbul Modern, Ankara Museum of Painting and Sculpture. The artist continues to open exhibitions at home and abroad and continues his work in his workshop in Istanbul.

The exhibition "Selma Gürbüz: A Place Called The World" can be seen at Istanbul Modern until 31 March 2021.

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