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Selana Gomez deleted Instagram

Speaking to the April issue of Vogue magazine, Selena Gomez said she deleted Instagram from her phone and didn't know her password. All of Selena Gomez's posts are now made by an assistant. "I was a little scared when I was the most followed person on Instagram. I noticed you were sucking me in. I was addicted, and I saw things I didn't want to see, and I felt like things I didn't want to care about were getting into my head. Every time I look at Instagram, I start to feel bad."

Gomez's photos, which had more than 113 million followers at the end of 2015, see more than 20 percent of Instagram's entire active user base. The photo of him advertising Coca Cola was the most liked photo on Instagram with 6.5 million likes. However, Beyonce also stripped Selena Gomez of her most-liked photo title with the photo she announced last month.

While this is Selena Gomez's first clear statement on social media, she has previously said she will stay away from social media and the public to deal with some health issues. "I don't want to see your body on Instagram," he said as he accepted his award at the American Music Awards. I want to see what's in you."

Gomez isn't the first star to get tired of being followed and feel bad. As well as those who worry too much about the likes received and the number of views received, people feel that they do not have the glamorous and happy life that others have. Studies on this also show that the condition causes severe depression. The right thing to do is to use social media to dose, enjoying every aspect of our lives.

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