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Secrets of raising a happy child

Parents try to raise their children perfectly, putting themselves in a cycle. Most of the time, they drag their children from place to place in various activities, not letting the child be himself. Children can't find time to breathe and no place to express themselves The greatest wealth in the world is the smile on a child's face.

At this point, fathers also have a lot of duties. A family elder once said that a father's greatest duty is to love the mother of his child, and that word has been etched in my brain ever since. When fathers make mothers happy, mothers raise healthy children with the help of fathers.

-Let him do it himself

Try to give him a sense of accomplishment. Whether it's setting a table, watering the garden, or seemingly simple tasks like putting the controls back in place, make sure he does them. Most parents try to act for their child, thinking that they will have difficulty performing these movements, and therefore take that feeling away from the child. However, the strengthening of the sense of competence is a huge factor in the strengthening and happiness of the child' s self-esteem.

-Don't compare

If there are more than one child in the house, parents tend to make comparisons. Your brother's finished, you're not finished, he listens a lot, you never listen, the rhetoric is used a lot by families. Put yourself in your child's shoes and think about how upsetting these rhetoric will be to you. Each individual's abilities, behaviors and character are very different. So accept your child for who he is and make him feel special. The child who is constantly compared to others is an unhappy child.

-Express your love

Lately, one of the biggest shortcomings between parents is their inability to show their true love. How you show your love to your child is very important. Let's not forget that love is unconditional above all. If you do that, try to avoid sentences that bind love to circumstances, just as I will love you more. Try to show them this unique love by touching, stroking, kissing and saying beautiful words during the day. There's nothing in the world that feeds the soul of children as much as the love of parents.

-Respect is as important as love

Respect as much as love is very important in raising a happy child. First respect yourself, then respect your partner and relationship and children. Children of all ages will try to copy the movements of family members. A child who sees that you respect each other, those around you and yourself will grow up happy and respectful.

-Be consistent

Finally, try to be consistent. It is very important to be able to set the right example for your child to match what you say and do. In an environment where you argue that lying isn't right, a child who sees you lying gets confused and starts questioning all your behavior. Children are like taking notes of every word you speak, in fact, try to be consistent, without contradicting yourself.

Every child raised by his parents has the best chance of being happy. Hold on to your children, thinking of children who don't stand a chance. Teach your children to be happy, not rich! So they appreciate what they have in their lives, not the price.


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