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Secrets of a good makeup base

Instead of anti-aging creams as moisturizers, use moisturizing creams. Anti-aging creams remove the makeup on after a while.

I use Nars Skin Luminous Moister Cream as a moisturizer.  On top of it is a foundation. But, you know, there are colored moisturizers now instead of foundations. These reflect light very well thanks to the dense pigments in their content. What is already important is not that the foundation is thick or thin, but that it reflects light well. I use this product, which is referred to as a colored moisturizer instead of foundation, but also reflects light well: Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. It allows you to get good camouflage without thickening the skin.

But if your skin is close to oily, this product can shine a little too bright. Then I prefer Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen to matte oily skin. Again, if it is popular for oily skin, I can recommend Glow Rewiwal Eye Treatment from Shiseido's Bio-Performance series.

If you have acne or want to close the under-eye thoroughly, you should choose a slightly thicker product. You can use lift concealer from Makeup Forever.

The concealer of your choice may be half a ton lighter than your normal skin under your eyes, but it should be the same tone as the foundation you use elsewhere. If you apply it with a brush, the transitions will not be known.

Then it's time for the cheeks. Shimmer style products can be used if you want to achieve a fresh, wet look. These creams are called highlighters. I can recommend Orgasm Illumunator from Nars for a healthier pink look.

If there's color in your illuminator, there's no need for blush. But if your illuminator is transparent, a colored blush can be used underneath. If you want to mattify glowing spots such as chin and forehead before completing your make-up, just use transparent powder. Instead of thick powder, we should use transparent powder so that the skin mattes before it thickens.

Bonus: Care recommendations for sensitive skin

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