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Sculpture and painting artist Gina Ginali: a work of art in Istanbul

My parents met and got married while they were studying in Saint Petersburg. So I was born in Saint Petersburg and spent almost half my life there from my youth. When I was a kid, when I was sad, I always went to my room and drew cartoon characters on the wall. I also loved making dresses, shaping animals, knitting blankets and making jars out of clay. I've always been interested in things that require dexterity.  Only 9. I was able to go to school until class, but I got kicked out of work early. I helped my mom work at the restaurant, so I didn't have time to study. 

I lost my father from cancer. In our country traditionally a photo is hung in the house when a family member dies, my mother never liked this tradition, it was unpleasant for her, she came up to me and asked me to draw a picture of my father, to be honest this was my hardest job. My hands were constantly shaking when I created the portrait, and the paper I was drawing with tears that didn't stop was constantly getting wet. The names I loved to go to the museum and see his works were: Ivan Aivazovsky, Ilya Repin, Amedeo Modigliani.

Pierre Auguste Renoir, when people asked about his crooked fingers, replied, "talent passes through fingers," which for him was the only difficulty of working with sculptures. You can see a lot of female artists, but most of the sculpting artists are men. Severe pain in the fingers, frequent decisions, pain in the wrists and back are among the main causes of this. I can't work hourly. If I know I have to go out, I don't touch the job because I know I'm going to ruin it. I do my best work when I'm mentally very hurt.

I like to experience it. Marble, polyester, bronze and metal

Have you had group exhibitions or private organizations where you participated with your works? 

One of my last exhibitions took place in Switzerland in October 2020; Exhibitor Portraits Art International Zurich 2020

Just look at Istanbul, it's a work of art.

You want to bring your works together with art lovers in Turkey. What are your experiences about Turkey? 

Turkey has always been a colorful country with a long history for me. It is a country where different ethnic cultures coexist, and I want to exhibit my work in this decidedly colorful country.


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