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Sandra Mansour X H&M

Sandra Mansour founded the fashion house in 2010, and her emphasis on detail and craftsmanship, combined with inspiration from Beirut's art and surroundings, shines through all her designs. For the Sandra Mansour x H&M collection, Sandra is inspired by nature and by female artists such as Toyen, Dorothea Tanning, Lena Leclercq and Bibi Zogbé. The result is a feminine and powerful collection of dresses, blouses, skirts, custom sewing jackets, printed T-shirts and hoodies.

The voluminous designs, which consist of fabrics that fit and fly both on the body and ruffle hems, blend with a color palette of ivory, mushroom grey and black. Mansour gives each collection a name, and sandra mansour x H&M co-ords "Fleur du Soleil" (Flower of sun) after being fascinated by the way a sunflower follows the sun day after night. Polkalics, flowers and sunflower motifs enrich thin and delicate fabrics and emphasize craftsmanship, while feminine silhouettes emphasize power and urban life.

"Nature and natural elements were the inspiration for H&M collaboration. Especially the sunflower, which represents the life cycle, and its dependence on the sun and light. Poetry and painters inspired the choice of fabrics - dark laces, jacquards and embroidered organized fabrics. With the "Fleur du Soleil" collection, I want to address women around the world and send them the "Hope" message we need most right now," says SANDRA Mansour, CEO and designer.

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