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Rising trends from Coachella

This year, especially in earrings, giant and stony pieces were widely preferred. Besides, it's not enough just to wear a giant earring. You can also experience this style at its peak by wearing multiple necklaces and bracelets.


a woman wearing a white dress

A sparkly Coachella was unthinkable these days, when Rihanna was making a body lightener with her make-up brand. Glitter, which is usually applied to the face area with makeup, knows no boundaries this year and also appears in the arms and cleavage area.


a woman wearing sunglasses

This year's main hairstyle was double braids. It was almost impossible to see a hairstyle that was classic or not braided.


Kenza Zouiten in a white uniform

If you think I left the piercing-shaped jewelry on the hair two summers ago, you're wrong. This hair accessory, which we see especially in braided hair, will obviously reappear this summer.


Hailey Baldwin, Romee Strijd posing for the camera

While her favorite '90s accessory relived her golden days, it wasn't forgotten at Coachella either. It can be the number one accessory of festivals with ease of use.


Romee Strijd wearing sunglasses
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