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Response to chronological ranking claims from Instagram

A video posted by Instagram user photographer Jack Harding from his homepage feed sparked speculation that the platform would return to chronological order.

Instagram refuted the allegations in a statement on its official blog site. Instagram announced that it would not be going back to the chronological algorithm, noting that users missed 70 percent of the posts, so they tried to prioritize the content that mattered most to them.

"We'll show you the content you're most interested in to improve your experience," she wrote in the Instagram description.

How do posts stand out on Instagram?

Instagram underlines that all posts will be on the homepage but will be in a different order.

So how do shares stand out?

Instagram's algorithm, which organizes your feed, determines how shares interact with you, the likes, comments and times they receive. For example, if you haven't opened Instagram for a long time, you'll be able to see the first few posts in chronological order.

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