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Refresh your home in 4 steps

In these days when we work from home, it is absolutely important that we create an environment that will allow us to work efficiently. Choose a work place with daylight and be sure to air it out at noon. It's a little harder to provide motivation in this order that we're not used to. You can place a few accessories or objects that we like in your workspace. Start working with the coffee you have prepared in your favorite cup.  If the chair you are using is not suitable for sitting and working for a long time, support your waist with a few pillows. 

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It's time to establish order in the cabinets you haven't been interested in in a long time. We all lose our dominance at home from time to time in the hustle and bustle of city life and work. Not finding what we're looking for is proof of that. Rearrange items by allocating one day for sections such as dressing room, kitchen, bathroom. Separate all items you don't wear or use in the process. In the decoration of your home, you can try to reduce accessories and objects. Over time, items that come as gifts or all the pieces that we call “let them stand there” lead to a crowded image in our house. Prioritize parts with a story. Try deciphering the memories, the ones that make you happy, except for the ones that make you happy.  

It's time to hang frames that have been waiting for a long time! Another of the simplest ways to strengthen your connection with your home is to add personal details to the home. It's definitely a good idea to create a photo wall of family photos or create an exhibition space for your collection. In this process, try to devote time to plants in the house. Wipe, air and even sunbathe the leaves of leafy plants. Dealing with the soil, taking care of the plants will comfort you. 

It's a good idea to try new plan alternatives with certain periods in your habitat. While this change can be as simple as changing the direction of a single seat, you can also go for more drastic changes. It can take a few days for your eyes to get used to the alternatives you are trying. Even simple settlement changes that we will make at home will create a sense of renewal. Among the alternatives that you can try to change the location of the dining and living area, change the location of single decks and sofas, change the direction of the bed in bedrooms.

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