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Reebok x Victoria Beckham: Drop Four

The highlight colors of the collection consist of scarlet red and wine color, while the colors of camel hair and alabaster offer a deep touch. The complementary colors of the palette are classic black and the yellow logo, which contrasts highly with it. Bold silhouettes define the overall style of the season, while drop four features sharp, yet subtle brand touches and more body-conscious styles with window detail and logo crop top and logo 7/8 tights, both with luxurious matte finishes. Seamless crop top and seamless tights become Victoria's personal favorite pieces with their shape emphasizing body contours and comfort at the performance level, while every element of the collection consists of one piece to ensure that the quality of training does not decrease. Drop Four offers a wide range of products with new textured fabrics that evoke the details of nostalgic pieces.

Inspired by Victoria's internet community, the Japanese terry cloth, degaje collar sweater is back, while the travel hoodie and tights have been updated with a more relaxed and casual feel to appeal to more diverse lifestyles. Inspired by extreme sports, the collection also includes inflatable coats. Short and thermal inflatable coats, woolen neck collar, gloves and beanie offer the perfect combination to carry your workout to the outdoor area.

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