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Reebok and Cardi B signed their first collection of shoes

For the next phase of her collaboration with Reebok, Cardi B redesigned the lines of the iconic Club C model, and the famous star's first shoe collection was named after it. Brought to life by the all-new Club C Cardi and Cardi Coated Club C Double, this redesigned style reflects the groundbreaking style of Reebok and Cardi, breaking the game in shoe design.

Cardi, who played an important role in the design and development process, was inspired by a dystopian world with hints of the latest iconic fashion moments in this collection. Using the simple lines of the famous Club C as a starting point, Cardi took this model to the next level with bold transparent designs. With Reebok's legendary heritage adorned with stylish touches, Club C's fluid lines and Reebok Classic's distinctive style have defied time over the past 35 years and serve as a starting point for remarkable collaborations.

As the title of his brand new collaboration with Reebok, Cardi B chose the slogan "B Unexplainable", which reflects his passion for design and equality through his personal development. With "B Unexplainable", Reebok and Cardi B draw attention to society's expectations of women, how to be perfect but humble, strong but compassionate, and to be described as "too extreme," "too unusual" or "too arrogant" when they dare to break that balance.

The two-model Club C and Cardi Coated Club C Double children's models will be available with women's and children's shoe size options (children and babies) and affordable prices, including a direct downsizing of adult models. Collectibles will be available to order through Reebok.com.tr, Les Benjamins and Beymen from November 13th.

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