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Recommendations for working mothers

Mothers are now as busy as fathers.  Mothers begin to become uneasy, remorseful about their communication with their children during this busy work schedule. How can we handle this?

Before answering this question, I would like to say that mothers should think carefully before making decisions that will make them unhappy. An unhappy mother in the house is much healthier than a mother who works until the morning and has little time for her child. Of course, spending a lot of time with your child will be healthy for both of you, but it is just as important for mothers who spend little time to spend this time in quality.

-Time management

A mother who can manage time well can make her time with her child quality by controlling time and setting priorities. Of course, external factors such as late work, heavy traffic or preparing meals when you come home play a big role in the surprise of this time. However, taking into account these external factors, the mother will not experience guilt if a certain order is established.

Women who are successful in business are often positively affected by their mental health as they are professionally satisfied. A mother who is not working or cannot work can also exhibit tense and negative behaviors by being affected by this event. Somewhere between the two, it's possible to use time well, balance it out and be both a good mother and a good businesswoman.

-Don't feel guilty

The biggest mistake mothers make is to act with guilt and come home every night with a gift, candy or chocolate. Instead of trying to close when you're not with a material object, try to close it with a game that's tailored to your child that week. If you can't cover up the little time you spend doing whatever you want or pampering your child. Children are usually interested in the nature of your time, not the gift or chocolate from you. You can look him in the eye, ask him how his day went, and tell him stories about your own day. As soon as they get home, mothers who have to cook can ensure quality time by including their children in the cooking process.

In order to meet the saturation that our children want, you can easily meet this saturation with a common activity you do when you come home and pre-planned social activities on weekends.

Remember, the important thing is that you meet your child's needs for trust, love and independence. You can provide it with a good model, and quality, albeit a limited amount of time.


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