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Recommendations for the decoration of the kitchen normally new

Retreat in the area where you feel safe, stand, mature and exist by reinterpreting life... Maybe that's exactly what we're going through in the pandemic. That's why even seasons are interpreted differently. We also do not see summer as just the sun and the sea, during the period of normalization, when we are not ready to come out of our cocoons, we recommend preparing your kitchen for summer and your new life, the heart of your home, where you will find peace until the day when holiday plans will be realized. 

1981 in order to protect the world from the oppressive aggressive environment "cocooning” in other words, the cocoon-forming current enters our lives again through the pandemic process. In order to create an environment of trust in all areas that concern not only decoration, but also community life, it is actually possible to establish a life order in which a person will protect himself. It is inevitable to create areas where we feel safe, where we meet ourselves in our home, where we cling to life, where we rest, and cocoons.

Do you want to drink coffee and break the back of two words, but are you afraid to meet outside? You can position your own cafe in the kitchen or in a corner of your home. In order for him to draw a special space, you must have a unit that you support with decoration, which will not prevent you from reading a book or chatting in this corner, where you can keep it up to your coffee cups and cookies. 

Let your kitchen have its own personality. It may be too ambitious for open kitchens to say, and we can't tell everyone to roll up their sleeves for renovations, but at least it won't be bad to choose peaceful colors. Especially bringing this area, which we consider our cocoon, together with earth tones and a few calm tones banished from nature, will be a good start to prepare you for summer and life. 

How about experiencing the practice rounds of this period, when we will rejoin life, in our own garden, on our patio, perhaps by the pool? You can choose mobile kitchen models and cooking units that allow you to decontaminate your kitchens in the presence of summer and organize your invitations, meetings, outdoors without going into the distance between you and your guests. It will offer a fun environment for both uninterrupted and insatiable hospitality, and will be less troublesome invitations with the help of incoming guests. 

Don't worry about decoration objects, there are many in nature. Sliced lemons and mint in a nice jug... A little green, a little yellow.Yesil. What could be better than a flower blooming in your garden, especially a branch of bougainvillea that will create a basement breeze? Maybe an icy lemonade would be a sweet choice. 

Retreating to our cocoon is not a departure from life, but a preparation for a return to life. This summer and every summer, we hope that you will add everything that will keep our hopes fresh, reflect, symbolize to your life and home...

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