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Recommendations for protection for summer worn hair

1. Electrified hair

Hair that dries with sun and sea salt may look electrified. That's why it's useful to use 5 hair colors with moisturizer in summer that will mark the summer of 2016 products. Also be careful to comb your hair when your hair is still wet because by combing it dry you can both break it more and make it fluffier.

2. Extremely broken hair

When you say both sun, sea salt and chlorine, your hair can break one by one. Therefore, it will be much better to start the summer by having your hair broken. Also use hair protection products such as hair serum, spray, gel during the day. Finally, minimise the use of products such as tongs, 10 signs that can break your hair even more, and 10 signs that misuse the hair straightener. These heat-giving 5 hair colours that will mark the summer of 2016 styling products are further damaging your hair in summer.

3. Lifeless hair

If you already have dull hair, you may want to pay a little more attention to your hair in the summer because your hair may be more voluminous in the sun. For this, opt for shampoos that will add volume to your hair.

4. Oily hair

In summer, we notice that our hair is lubricated faster than usual. Due to the sun, sweat and many factors, our hair is lubricated more quickly. For this you can try using dry hair shampoo. In addition, when creaming your hair, creaming the ends instead of the roots of your hair will help to get less fat.

4. Dyed hair

As we mentioned in our previous Protection of dyed hair in summer in 6 steps, the dye of your hair in summer may fade much faster and you may need to dye it more often. In case of this situation, do not miss your paint protective products from your side.

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