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Recommendations for New Year's decoration

I call it the Christmas tree because it's not about the pine tree.Of course, we will have those who prefer pine trees by the classic method, but a few new options that we have started to see in homes are also very interesting. It's possible to take the tree away from its format and turn it into another colorful world, or approach it more minimally. Abstracted alternatives, I think, are the best. I'd say look at the visuals in detail.

It is possible to capture the Christmas spirit without the need for a tree element or with additional small touches to the Christmas tree October. If you stay within the concept you have created, you can capture the ambience in an elegant way without bringing your home to a complicated point.

Red, green, white or completely suitable for your style and colors that will make you feel the Christmas spirit, bedspreads, seat covers, yesilent, fireplace socks, such as many textile products that you can think of in our homes to countdown to the new year will be good for all of us these days...

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