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Recommendations for healthy sleep from Apple

On World Sleep Day, with the slogan’ sleep healthy, live healthy", it is aimed to draw attention to the importance of healthy sleep and sleep disorders, especially sleep apnea syndrome. In the developing world today, people do not devote enough time to sleep and sleep little. Sleep is essential for life and is an important repair process in which our entire body is rested, refreshed. 

Apple's vice president of Technology Kevin Lynch about it “we can use techniques that we investigated to support people to sleep,” he says, and the Apple Watch sleep app sleep with a balance between supporting and recall, they added. 

When you sleep well at night, your concentration and productivity get much better the next day. Cognition, concentration, productivity and performance can be affected by sleeping well at night. Did you know that inadequate sleep is linked to higher body weight? Not sleeping well can directly affect your calorie intake and leave you at risk of gaining weight. When you sleep well at night, your concentration and productivity get much better the next day. If you're trying to improve your exercise performance, sleeping well is very important to you.

"we take advantage of the fact that the iPhone and Apple Watch are devices that people already use, and we can use some of the moments that users spend with their devices to help them focus more on sleeping."every adventure we go on, developing new features here, we ask ourselves the question: in addition to being easy, useful and empowering in general, what can make the biggest difference to people?"he says," you can't learn on your own to increase or decrease the REM phases of your sleep. We thought that this feature was not an added value that Apple could provide for sleep. We focused on going to bed as we believed it was a much more actionable feature and would help users sleep better at night. This property, REM it can also provide secondary effects, such as self-healing of its stages."he shares the approach to sleep studies done at Apple," he said.

'Sleep monitoring' may be a good start, but Apple Watch'the Sleep app provides much more. The app helps you create a plan so you can meet your sleep goals.

  • To help you meet your sleep goals and improve your health overall personalized sleep create plans.
  • Set your sleep target: Getting enough sleep is important for your overall health. the Health app on the iPhone can help you set your sleep goal and track progress made over time.
  • on iPhone edit and change your sleep plan: You can adjust the plan according to the time and days of the week, or use the option to turn it off completely.
  • Relaxation feature, it helps you create a customized bedtime routine. Manage your relaxation shortcuts shown on your lock screen as bedtime approaches. Setting a custom environment in the Home app, Apple Musicyou can create a routine that covers activities such as listening to relaxing acoustic landscapes or using your favorite meditation practice before falling asleep.
  • Apple Watch, it uses signals from the accelerometer to determine when you are awake and sleeping. In this way, you can track how much sleep you sleep each night and see your sleep trends that develop over time.
  • and the iPhone is based on how much you use your iPhone at night Time In Bed’he's watching yi.
  • Your sleep history, Personalize healthcare app on iPhone in 3 steps you can see it along with your other health data.

Apple Music features a space specifically designed to help users relax, unwind and fall asleep. Playlists, sounds from nature, White Noise, radio stations and many more are available, chosen by experts in this field, tailored to mood and activity.

  • Sleep-related content offered on Apple Music has grown 160% worldwide since March 2020, when the quarantine began.
  • The 5 regions that interact most with sleep-related content are the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia.
  • The 5 regions with the greatest growth in sleep-related content are: Japan (+225%), the United States (+169%), Australia (+168%), South Africa (+161%) and the United Kingdom (+160%)
  • Sleep Sounds, Bedtime Beats, Rain Sounds, Piano Chill, and Pure Spa playlists make up the 5 most listened-to sleep-related playlists worldwide.
  • Among the top 5 sleep-related editorial playlists worldwide are Bedtime Beats (+343%), White Noise (+313%), Ocean Sounds (+263%), Pure Spa (+254%), and Sleep Sounds (+209%) Dec.
  • Sleep Sounds, the most listened-to sleep-oriented editorial playlist on Apple Music Worldwide, managed to enter the top 5 in the Apple Music overall playlist rankings for the first time this year.

Sleep Sounds
Piano Chill
Bedtime Beats
In My Room
Today's Easy Hits
Acoustic Hits
Today's Chill 
Pure Focus
Piano Chill

Sleep Cycle
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