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Recipe for sauteed meat casserole

* 500 g cubed veal
* 4-5 mini fresh potatoes
* 100 g shallots
* 2 carrots
* 1 cup tomato sauce
* Fresh thyme
* 2 spoons of butter
* 2 cups water
* Salt & pepper

In this recipe you can use cast pots. If you are going to use a cast pot, you can do all the preparation and cooking with the same pot.

If you are going to use a casserole dish;

* Put the meat and butter in a saucepan and cook over a medium heat until the broth is released and a little Tue.
* When the meat is drained, take the meat into the casserole Bowl.
* Add all remaining ingredients on it. Don't chop the vegetables too small so they don't fall apart.
* Spice according to your taste buds.
* Cover your casserole bowl with greaseproof paper.
* Bake at 160C for 40-45 minutes. You can also provide a colorful and delicious Image by mincing parsley on it while serving. Enjoy your meal...

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