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Recipe for puff puff puff fluffing porricots in 7 steps

One of the necessary parameters for the dough to get the appropriate consistency is the temperature of the materials... For this reason, all ingredients must be removed from the refrigerator and made according to room temperature before starting to make yeast dough. 

In order to make a doughnut of the desired consistency, all ingredients, including flour, eggs, milk, yeast, must be of high quality. Avoid using flour and yeast, especially open and waiting at home for a long time. 

In cases where active dry yeast is used, keeping warm water and yeast with a little sugar for 5 minutes positively affects the blistering of the dough.

After cooking, the dough must be fermented in enough time for the dough to be soft. For this, the dough, covered with a slightly damp cloth, is left to ferment in a warm environment.

Test the dough with a little touch with your finger to make sure it's ready to take shape and go into the oven. If your finger doesn't leave a mark on the dough, it's dough.

Egg yolk must be applied to the dough, which has been fermented. Applying before causes drying that may occur on the surface of the dough.  As a result of cooking in this way, the surface of the cracked doughnuts are obtained.

Opening the oven door many times during cooking and putting too much oil in the dough negatively affects the blistering of the dough.

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