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Recipe for herb fritters from baklava porridge

* Up to 500 g of mixed Aegean grass (Hibiscus, comb grass, tangle, cautery, Köremen... All happens) if you can't find mixed Aegean grass spinach & chard & fresh garlic.
* 1 pack of baklava yufka
* 300 g feta cheese
* 2 eggs
* About 100 g of melted butter (also olive oil)
* ½ Cup olive oil (for burrito)
* Salt & pepper

* First, prepare the inner mortar of the pastry; wash all the herbs beautifully and finely chop. Take a large bowl. Add the eggs, cheese, ½ cup olive oil and salt and pepper. Mix nicely with your hand if possible. In this way, the inner mortar will be best blended. Have the mortar wait on the side.
* Grease the base of your baking dish nicely.
* Baklava dries quickly after opening, so you should hurry up.
• Because the jufkas are very thin, you can use 3 by 3.
* Spread 3 sheets to the base, then apply melted butter with the help of a brush. Repeat this 4-5 times.
• Then make 2 layers with 3 leaves so that half inside and half outside so that it hangs from the edge of 4 and spread the inner mortar in the middle.
* Fold in the jufkas hanging from the edges.
* Cover the remaining decoctions with 3'erli and apply butter together.
* Bake in 180C heated oven until nicely browned.
* Serve while hot, crunchy will be a delicious flavor.

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