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Reasonably priced solutions for under-eye bruises

·         Try the tea bags.

Caffeinated tea naturally has tanns from itself. For years, our mothers and grandmothers have been using tea to remove the swelling of detention, and these tea bags can also be used for detention bruises. Put a bag of tea in hot water for each eye. Leave the bags in the fridge for five minutes after a few minutes and then put them over your eyes. Your eyes will look more alive.

·         If your under-eye bruises are caused by having thin skin, use retinoids.

Regular use of retinol increases collagen production and therefore supports your skin in a vascular way. This adds volume and firmness to both your skin. This makes your skin less thin and can also untie your under-eye bruises.

·         If you have under-eye bruising due to increased pigments, you can use illuminating products and sunscreen.

If your under-eye bruises are due to increased pigments, one of the reasons may be the sun. The best way to do this is to use illuminating products that contain ingredients such as vitamin C. Such products can overcome skin pigmentation over time. Also invest in a successful sunscreen.

·         Take antihistamine drugs.

Some people suffer from bruising from their allergic conditions and may not notice this. For this, starting an allergy drug suitable for you with a doctor's check-up can be the solution to under-eye bruises.

·         Be gentle when cleaning your makeup.

Our under-eye is a more sensitive piece of skin than other parts of our skin, even where the skin is thinnest is our eyes. Therefore, any discomfort and trauma can lead to burning of your skin. So if you prefer to clean your makeup with a handkerchief, be careful to opt for one that is odorless. Also, instead of rubbing back and forth when cleaning, try doing it in one direction in one direction.

·         Sleep more.

The easiest and cheapest way to reduce your detention bruises is if you have settled the sleeping pattern and sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

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