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Rear arm tightening movements

First item diagnosis!  It is important to note that the body form is a whole. So if you are already above a certain weight and very inactive, the problem may not be in this area, but in your complete form, in which case the first job is to follow the changes by starting a healthy diet and training program.

Narrow push-ups, which can also be performed at home, are a good exercise that directly affects this area! At first it can be difficult so knees can do it on the ground. The first exercise is suitable for doing extreme 3-4 sets of narrow push-ups (close-grip push-ups) on 8-12 repeated days.

By supporting the first exercise with a static waiting exercise, we quickly strengthen and tighten this area, so we are again in a push-up position and waiting as if we are frozen at the point where we catch the tension by breaking our elbows. At the beginning, you just need to do 3 sets of 10-second waits, and don't forget to make the day excessive!

Let's continue with a movement that we can do a lot again. One Arm Triceps Extension we call, 1-2 pound weight with 15-20 can do again this movement in a nutshell; the arm holding the weight on the head and the upper arm is fixed by breaking the arm by lowering the weight behind the nape and lifting the movement. By making 3 sets, we completely isolate this area...

By doing these 3 exercise days in excess and consecutively you will feel the difference in a period of like a month, however, each individual and the problem in each individual is different, so for those who have the opportunity to work with the help of a specialist trainer decisively. So you can come to a much faster and risk-free conclusion. I wish you all a healthy day.

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