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“Purina Friskies” and “Yekessepeti” sign meaningful cooperation for street cats

For more than 80 years in the nutrition of a healthy life for pets and domesticated animals worldwide leading PetCare Nestlé Purina Friskies a member of the family develops products to provide innovative, World stray animals Day on April 4 of our friends on the street for a meaningful good nutrition is spearheading the project to contribute to. As part of Friskies ‘cooperation with Yemeksepeti, animal lovers who order from Yemeksepeti BanaBi and Yemeksepeti Vale from certain regions of Istanbul on April 3-4 will be presented with Friskies’ food for my friend on the street ' next to the product they receive. With this collaboration, Friskies encourages everyone to feed stray animals and experience this beautiful feeling. 

Live a healthy and happy life is due to their diet to cats, which must be fed with food that has nutritional value appropriate since Friskies, " the man in the street’ food also contributes to the Cats on the streets with their diet in this way. Developed by Friskies Purina experts, offering a 100% complete and balanced nutrient, ‘for my friend on the street’ food helps meet cats ' daily nutritional needs thanks to its rich and nutritious ingredients. You can also participate in the campaign, which will be held on April 3-4 in the cooperation of Friskies and Yemeksepeti, and make the life of our friends on the street beautiful. 

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