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Protection of dyed hair in summer in 6 steps

1. Care for your hair a week before dyeing

In healthy hair, the dye both holds better and looks better. Therefore, it is better for you to take moisturizing and restorative care of your hair before going to your hairdresser. A week or two before dyeing, you can start applying a care consisting of vegetable oils or have a hair mask.

2. Make sure your hairdresser uses the healthiest method for your hair

Especially if you have never had your hair dyed before, we recommend that you research hair dyeing techniques before going to the hairdresser. It is also useful to learn how the paint is affected by hot weather. For example, it might be a more logical choice to have your hair tips open in the summer instead of having a bale done. Because instead of getting your hair open, you get a nicer look in the sunlight.

3. Opt for shampoos and creams for dyed hair

The right shampoo and cream increase the durability of the dye, so it is very important that you always prefer shampoos for dyed hair. Shampoos prepared for dyed hair usually do not contain parabens and sulfate; therefore, it protects the paint better.

4. Finish your shower with cold water

Rinsing with cold water is not only refreshing, but also good for your hair. Cold water relaxes the scalp, preventing both damage and dye from flowing.

5. Use hair products containing ultraviolet or SPF

Just as our face needs sun protection, our hair and scalp need sun protection. When you're exposed to these rays a lot, the hair gets dry.

6. Prepare for the effects of the pool on your hair

Chlorine is an extremely harmful substance for every hair, painted or unpainted. You should pay extra attention, especially if your hair is dyed, because it can change the color of your hair. So, apply coconut oil to your hair before entering the pool. So you can protect your hair. But even if you protect your hair with oil, do not let chlorine stay in your hair too long. Rinse your hair immediately and remove chemicals.

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