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Problems of street animals will be discussed live

Nestlé Purina PetCare, which launched its "On the Street" awareness program in order to identify important areas of need for stray animals, to create a single community that adopts this issue holistically and takes steps towards a solution, continues its online meetings with stakeholders with the second leg of the project, "Are You Aware?" session. During the public session, experts aim to address all aspects of the issue of stray animals.

Impact Hub Istanbul, a global social innovation platform that develops creative projects focused on social benefit, will discuss the improvement of the habitats of stray animals, the work carried out to make an impact, the experiences gained and solutions. The event, moderated by Nihat Sirdar, will feature Prof. Dr. Ebru Yalcin, Internal Medicine A.D.B at Uludag University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, BUPAWS Volunteer Coordinator Defne Arsoy, social entrepreneur Shule Yucelbyik, Days Country blogger Veterinarian Dr. Ebru Tong and Emre Demir of the Association of Paws in Every Home. The "Are You Aware?" online session will begin at 3pm on Thursday, August 27.

Participants will be able to watch the meeting from the https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZErc-iurT4tEtOjOhbjEQQxhYaIC5mACI2U link.




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