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Private Collection of March 8 by Beymen

The project, which aims to touch women's lives and support them on the way to achieving their dreams, was carried out with the voluntary participation of 33 women who have made a difference in their fields with their achievements in the world and in Turkey. Veronico Etro, Missoni Angela, Sandra Choi, J. J. Martin, Nicky Zimmermann, the world famous designers Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio such as women's, as well as his achievements in Turkey in the areas of making a big difference is a designer, artist, athlete, doctor, lawyer, journalist, business people, such as Beymen collection with the design team met with women from different sectors of 33 messages. Beymen 8 March Private Collection designed in Beymen as part of support for the project and it will be available at.

Launched on the occasion of International Women's day, young women in all fields of social life with this project aiming at supporting young women to participate in the free and equal manner they belirtenbeymen Elif capci Group CEO's fund tog great pleasure in; “community volunteers Foundation (TOG) we have realized through this project in cooperation with the women of their dreams when they move the courage of conviction, the power to accomplish everything we wanted to show that is stored in them. 33 successful women, who are exemplary with their achievements in the world and Turkey and make a difference in their field, took part in our project voluntarily. Being together with these special women who were inspired by their self-confidence, achievements and decency, knowing that they were all with us, made our project even more meaningful. I thank them all for their precious support,” he said.

Community volunteers Foundation (tog) Board of directors co-president of Didem Duru, stressing that International Women's day is very precious to implement a project he continued: “as the TOG; 8 March International Women's day, young women a space where they can realize their dreams, we think is worth celebrating when it is created. We have been acting with this belief in all our work for 18 years, empowering young people to eliminate inequalities. We aim to inspire women to realize their potential and realize their dreams with the project we have implemented together with Beymen. We are excited to be involved in such a special project with valuable messages from women who make a difference in their field,” he said.



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