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Privacy and violation of private life

8 Of The European Convention On Human Rights. its article protects private life, family life, Housing and freedom of communication. Four related rights are protected in one article. That's because all four rights are actually "private life” it is intertwined with. The limit of private life begins at the point where personal activities are not wanted to be known to other members of society. Private life does not consist only of a person's life away from eyes, not sharing it with others, behind closed doors, between four walls, it includes completely personal events and all information that everyone does not know or should not know, which can be explained to other people at Will.Dec. 

Violation of privacy is a crime. This crime is classified as 134 of the Turkish Penal Code. In the article are arranged. Anyone who violates the privacy of a person's private life is punished with a prison sentence of one to three years. If privacy is violated by recording images or sounds using a camera or other tool with a recorder or phone, the court increases the penalty.

Turkish Penal Code it punishes anyone who commits the crime with a prison sentence of two to five years if the images and records of this violation are unlawfully disclosed. Disclosure is the publication of data so that it is visible to everyone. Unlawful disclosure of images or sounds relating to a person's private life has been defined as a separate crime. The crime of disclosure of private life occurs by disclosure, dissemination of obtained audio or video recordings, that is, by ensuring that they are learned by unauthorized third parties. In order to increase the penalty, this disclosure must be unlawful.

Providing audio or video recordings of private life to the prosecutor's office or court, viewing images at trial or listening to sounds is not considered a crime. Even if these disclosed data are published through the press and publication, a prison sentence of two to five years will be imposed.  This verb of a person listening to a secretly recorded voice of a person in a park requires increased punishment, even if no one hears the voice. Disclosure of images and sounds, with tools and equipment suitable for disclosure (social media, phone messages, etc.) if done, the crime of violating the privacy of private life is qualified, that is, a form that requires severe punishment occurs. But in the crime of violation of privacy; if a person "consents" to this situation, if he or she consents to learning or interfering in his or her private life, this situation will not be punished, as it will create compliance with the law.

Taking a photograph of an individual without his or her permission is a violation of his or her privacy.. If the person's permission has not been obtained in this case, the person can go to the nearest public prosecutor's office and file a criminal complaint with a petition. After that, the prosecutor's office evaluates the complaint. If sufficient evidence is found, a public case will be opened and the trial will begin. 

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